Stop letting your faith seeds scatter in the wind!

Understand faith and prayer dynamics

How Is Your Prayer Life?

Do you pray and then let your faith disappear into the air without it giving evidence to the desires of your heart?  Prayer is like a science.  It's specific and the laws that govern it must be followed exactly to get the desired results. Without knowledge of those laws, which in the case of prayer are spiritual laws, one will never consistently receive from God what they desire.   

Hello!  My name is Margaret Lukasik and I'm the author of many Christian websites and books that are helping Christians learn how to use faith and prayer successfully over their circumstances.  When I learned to pray, I decided to look at prayer as planting seeds because I loved planting and watching seeds grow from tiny little particles into beautiful greenery that decorated my home.  I know I spent too much time planting because my six year old at the time accused me of loving my plants more than her. 

That was a sobering moment to realize that my love for plants had caused my daughter to feel emotionally estranged from me. But it causes me to think about the fact that when we plant faith seeds, our Heavenly Father remains close to us. In fact the stronger our faith, the more He draws nears to us so that we can rest in Him through Jesus Christ while we wait for what it is we desire.  We can feel His love and never feel alone or abandoned the way I had made my daughter feel.

We can depend upon this because faith works by love.  Not our love, but God's love which never changes and is always constant.  If you want strong faith, then you need to learn about God's love.  The evidence of that love is in the Bible.  He's given us all the instructions we need to succeed in life and to serve Him by a great and fulfilling means. Nothing we do for God will every leave us feeling empty or unloved by Him.   

You're Never Alone!

Galatians 5:6 (NIV)

For in Christ Jesus neither circumcision nor uncircumcision has any value. The only thing that counts is faith expressing itself through love.

Why Is Developing Biblical Faith So Important?

Hello, my name is Margaret Lukasik. I learned about faith and prayer dynamics from Kenneth Hagin, the founder of Kenneth Hagin Ministries and the Rhema Bible Training Center. He was led in his ministry to teach Biblical faith, and as He obeyed God, he became known for His great teachings about faith and prayer and his ability to use faith successfully for over seventy-years until His death a few years ago.   

Here's a condensed version of what he had to say about faith and God's love. 

"Faith is the hand that takes the things we need from God. Everything Jesus purchased for us on Calvary can be obtained by faith. This includes salvation, healing, the fullness of the Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit, the fruit of the Spirit, and victory over the world, the flesh, the devil, and all the powers of darkness."

Can't you just see God's love in everything Kenneth Hagin said about faith?

If I had understood God's love when my oldest daughter was so small, I would have planted God's seeds of love within her so that my "worldy planting of seeds" would have never made her feel rejected by me.  God's love working through us produces the kind of faith that endures forever, showing us that God, our Father in Heaven loves us unconditionally and before all things.  We are His priority.  Just as our children should be our priority!  

As we develop the God kind of faith we will grow into a great love for Him, thereby sharing a greater love with others as well as ourselves.  it's all about love with God in spite of what many might think!

Before I continue, let me show you just the highlights of what the God-kind of faith has done for me. Then I'll show you what faith can do for you.

Faith In God Will Grow You A Beautiful Garden Of Blessings! 


My Seeds Of Faith Results:

  • Healed emotionally from childhood abuse
  • Healed from ashthma/cancer
  • My children healed from illnesses
  • I have loving relationships
  • Received employment after job loss
  • Promotions, home business success 
  • Financial growth and money wisdom
  • Continued peace, joy and protection
  • Our famaily homes and cars

But the most important gift I have received by faith and prayer is my life purpose.  Walking in God's will for my life brings together all that God has already given me and makes it greater.  My faith is stronger and I am a greater blessing to others.  

I have greater spiritual understanding so that everything I do has more depth and purpose. God took me as a broken person and step-by step, through faith and prayer, made me whole!  And He will do the same for you!  

It's time you look to God in Faith.  See the next column for what He will do for you....

What Your Faith Seeds Can Do:

  •  Your life purpose through Jesus Christ
  • A loving attitude after the heart of God
  • Loving relationships that last
  • Great spiritual growth  
  • Your dreams and desires 
  • Business and career opportunities
  • New directions, more productivity
  • Continued peace, joy and protection
  • and whatever you desire today...


If you desire to live the fulfillment of your heart, you need to develop greater faith to work with God on your behalf.  As you do, you will see your problems lift as you learn how to rest in Christ, use the key of the cross and pray successfully. 

Dynamic faith and prayer belongs to you and you can begin using operating in them today!  It's not a difficult concept to master. It's based upon spiritual laws that when learned and appropriated correctly, they produce the corresponding results.  The results that you need to live the fulfilled life God has waiting for you!  

God Will Take Your Life and Give It New Life! 

There has never been a better time for you to take God at His Word by learning how to understand faith and prayer and use it to take the promises that belong to you.  

How can I be so sure?

Because if you didn't feel a longing in your heart to have answered prayer you wouldn't be reading this message or you wouldn't have read this far.  Your heart is longing for a life that seems just out of reach, but you know it's there waiting for you to take hold of it, but you don't know how.

I've made it easy for you to learn the dynamics of faith and prayer.  You can begin reading today and already have a great understanding of the principles that will set you free from separation from God, all of His blessings and the life you've only dreamed of having until now.  

I actually documented my progress many years ago as I took my Bible in hand, raised it in the air and committed my life to learning God's Word to overcome the damage I had received as an abused child.  Then I committed my life to teaching Christians from all walks of life how to do the same once the faith seeds I planted took root and turned my life around.

That was many years ago, but I kept my promise!  I've been teaching men and women from all over the world how to use faith and prayer dynamics along with God's promises to change their lives and circumstances.  Now it's your turn.  We both know you're ready, so take the next step with God and let Him show you the way to plan a beautiful garden of new life.



Seeds Of New Life

Let God Help You Shape Your New Life!

I have conveniently place the information I have learned about faith and prayer in my  classic home study, "It Makes Perfect Biblical Sense--That You Can Have What You Say!"

It teaches step-by-step from developing great faith to using that faith for answered prayer. I have included the different forms of prayer because Christians can confuse them and believe their faith isn't working, when it's only their use of the wrong prayer.  

You're going to learn how to overcome the doubt and fears that will keep you from answered prayer and use them to build even stronger faith!

You're also going to receive my Faith and Prayer Notebook that I created to coordinate with the faith and prayer study FREE!  It's going to help you cement what you learn and help you to receive answered prayer right away!  This is one of the methods I used to build my faith for especially receiving more money because I had difficulty believing that God actually desired for me to be financially strong!  

Faith and Prayer Bible Study

It Make Perfect Biblical Sense That You Can Have What You Say!

Faith and Prayer Workbook

Victory Study Notebook For Faith and Prayer Dynamics

God Gave Me Renewel Of Life; He Will Do The Same For You!

Faith and Prayer Study By Margaret Lukasik

Remember all the faith and prayer information that is included in "It Makes Perfect Biblical Sense" or PBS as I like to call it, is the same information that changed my life over 30 years ago and is still blessing my life as I write this. 

God's Word never changes so it will have positive affects upon your life for the rest of your life WITH ONE EXCEPTION...  


Take positive action with God right now.  Without getting pro-active with God you'll only be sitting on the sidelines waiting for God to help you, watching while others receive a full crop of God's blessings.  Don't do that any more!

I'm giving you a great opportunity, but you have to take hold of it for it to take hold of your life.  When Jesus began His healing ministry men and women would wait for Him to walk by them, hoping just to touch His garment as the women with the issue of blood set out to do.  She believed with all of her heart by faith that once she touched the cloth that make up the clothes Jesus word she would be healed.  

Jesus knew immediately that she had touch His clothing. How could He have known?  There were thousands of people around Him, touching Him and pushing into Him, but somehow He noticed this one woman who had touched Him from behind.    

Our faith has power to touch the heart of God through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for answered prayer.  Yet this woman didn't even prayer.  She said to herself, "If I but touch His garment I shall be healed."  

That's all it took were words of faith from her heart to move the hand of God.  With Jesus Christ we can do all things and so can you.  Take God's promises by faith and see what He will do for you...He's waiting to help you....NOW

 Faith and Prayer Bible Study 

It Makes Perfect Biblical Sence 

That You Can Have What You Say!

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