If You Find It Difficult To Share The Gospel With Children, I’ve Got The Answer: The  John 3:16 Animated Bible Tract! 

Animated Bible Tract

I’m always searching for a unique ministry to promote on my site and today I’ve got a very special website to share; Let The Little Children Come.  It offers a great variety of Gospel tracts and evangelism tools for children.

Over the next few months I’ll be promoting some very exciting animated Bible tracts and products for children that can be used for personal evangelism or for ministry tools. 

Today, I’m sharing the John 3:16 animated Bible tract that can effectively capture and hold a child’s attention as you share the gospel without it interfering with the story.  I’m really excited about this unique Christian tool for children and I believe it’s what many Christian teachers and parents have been seeking to help children receive Jesus Christ.

Fun and Easy To Use Animated Bible Tract

What makes the tract fun and easy is the use of moving images that help adults clearly explain the verse, John 3:16, phrase by phrase.  It’s really an exciting too!  I’ve never seen anything like it.

Let The Little Children Come is not affiliated with Christian organizations, ministries or churches, so you won’t find these tools and products anywhere else. These effective evangelism tools and resources will help you convey the powerful gospel message to children.

I’ll also be providing reviews on my blog for some of the products and resources, so please watch for my weekly posts.

Visit the page I’ve created to better explain.  Go to my John 3:16 Animated Bible Tract page that has more images and detail of this inspired Bible tract for children.  Or you can go to the website and learn more about other products, resources and animated Bible tracts.

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