Christian Guidance and Leadership At It’s Best For Christian Growth

Christian Guidance and LeadershipNew Christians need guidance and spiritual nurturing.  The best place to get the help they need is from the church where they received their salvation.  However, in far too many churches this is not the case.

I’ve recently had the pleasure to read and review a book written for Christians who are new to the Word and Christians who are in leadership positions.  The book is titled, The Christian Heritage – God’s Answers for a Searching World written by Floyd Bland.

Author and pastor, Floyd Bland, grew up in a Christian home.  He has dedicated his life to serving the Lord as a teacher, ministry leader, prison chaplain, and administrator. This is a man who is qualified, according to Biblical standards, to teach church leadership and Christian growth.

Christian Guidance and Leadership

There are many voices speaking for God, but how do we know which are false?  The Christian Heritage is a book based 100% upon scripture.  The book shares scripture to give the author’s writing credibility.  It’s also a means of helping new Christians better understand the Word.

I found the book a very sincere and concise means of teaching Christians how to study the Word, where to begin their study and what God expects when it comes to church leadership.  Christians need information about how to find a God-based church with Christian leadership that is committed to their spiritual needs.

I invite you to learn more about this “must have” book of Christian growth, God’s love and the path to victorious Christian living.  It’s one of the best Christian guides for Christian living that I’ve read.

Learn More About This Dynamic Book

To read my book review of The Christian Heritage, go to   Read more about Floyd Bland the author.


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