Announcing The New Christian Fiction Historical Book by Robert Stephson


Book Title: What Jesus Was Like – By One Who Knew Him, The Gospel Of Bartholomew

Christian Historical FictionI’ve just read a very unique Christian historical fiction book that is like no other! The story takes place during the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry.  It’s based upon a fictional account  given by the Apostle Bartholomew of his time with Jesus.

As we take this exciting journey with Bartholomew we see what it may have been like for him to travel with Jesus, the other disciples, and the myriad of interested followers from city to city. However, rather than paint the story with every day, ordinary language, the author uses a modified King James language mixed with his own language and verbiage that he actually created for this story to fit with the time frame for more realism.

It’s a story not just for Christians but anyone looking to read something different that shares an important time in history that can never be forgotten.  Robert Stephson brings alive the ministry of Jesus Christ by sharing His idea what Jesus looked like, how He spoke and how He shared His love for all mankind.  Go to to purchase!


Christian Historical Fiction




About The Author Robert Stephson

After a near death experience followed by profound spontaneous healings,  Robert Stephson felt called to write this book.  In it, he expresses his love of Biblical language, his gift for imaginative prose and his feeling for the universality of Christ’s teaching.

Robert was a Chairman of the Department of Modern Languages and Literature at John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, where he taught for 13 years.  He has written much in the fields of business, science, advertising, and academia, but this is the first time he has put his pen at the service of soul.


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