Christian Non-Fiction Books That Capture The Spirit Of God’s Word

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Ramblings Of A Madman Ramblings Of A Madman

The author of this unique book, Jim Long, talks about God’s love. It will open your heart to living the New Testament commandment of walking in God’s love. As Jim puts it, if you walk in love then everything you do will be at it’s best!

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an Interview With Lucifer An Interview With Lucifer

Eddie Cruz creates an amazing fantasy interview with Satan. From the beginning, the story sparks with realism and the interview is filled with Biblical truths that will capture even the hardest of hearts toward Christ.

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Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace Fearless A Journey To Financial Peace

Author Nan Elliot tells her private story of financial difficulty caused by her difficult childhood. She shares what she did about it to achieve financial freedom and helps the reader achieve their financial goals that lead to good stewardship.

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Your Testimony Your Testimony

Douglas Riggles created a unique book that he says will help you write the second greatest story every told–your testimony! Everyone, every church should have this book! It’s fantastic. You’ve never seen anything like it!

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101- a marriage of reconciliation 101 – A Marriage of Reconciliation

Stephen L. Ashford has written a book about the 25 years he and his wife Cynthia were married, divorced and remarried. Included are five notable miracles that occurred during that period of time that led to their reconciliation.

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101- a marriage of reconciliation Mastering The Art Of Personal Evangelism

If you are like most Christians, you’ve never won a single soul for Christ. However, using the straight forward principles given by Pastor Glen Kerr you can master the art of finding converts and saving lives.

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