A Corporation of Angels Review by Margaret Lukasik Is Now Complete

A Corporation Of Angels ReviewI’ve just completed reading A Corporation of Angels, written by James H. Barrett Jr., and have written my review.  It was a fun book to read and exciting because I love a great mystery.  It’s not easy to find Christian suspense stories that aren’t filled with bad language, sex to make more book sales and too much darkness, so I was happy to find a book that can tell a good story without the dependence upon worldly negativity. This book was great fun to read and kept the plot going throughout the story. 


To read my review go to A Corporation Of Angels Review.  Now released, it’s on sale on Amazon.com in paperback, hardback and Kindle.   It’s also found on many of the other online bookstores.  I recommend this book for adults as well as teenagers.  It has a great message of good versus evil written in a unique means of storytelling.   If you like a great mystery, this book offers a touch of espionage, conspiracy and suspense that thrills and delights the senses!    




“A Corporation Of Angels” Book Information


Published By:   Abbott Press
  Book Genre:    Christian Fiction




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