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Jesus Therapy Book ReviewIt’s exciting to know that in a time when many Christians are no longer attending church and where many churches are not providing the practical and spiritual information their congregations need, Christians have a scripture based source for healing, teaching and living their most fulfilled lives.

Jesus Therapy, The Best Advice Money Can’t Buy by Tom McQueen is a book for all Christians.  It offers advice and spiritual guidance for daily living which is well organized for easy reading, self-help and reference.

Jesus Therapy is a book churches should use as a teaching guide for Bible studies, adult Sunday school and for counsel sessions.  The information covers all life situations which causes me to feel that non-believers will gain much valuable information from the book as well.  It teaches moral responsibility and gives the tools needed to help solve the many problems people are facing today.


Watch My Book Review Of Tom McQueen’s Latest Book, Jesus Therapy The Best Advice Money Can’t Buy

I can’t praise this book enough!  Click here to read my full review.

About The Author Tom McQueen..

Tom McQueen’s credits are vast, adding to the value of his latest book, Jesus Therapy.  To learn more about his experience in the field of marriage and family, visit his information page.  He has been a licensed marriage and family therapist for over 25 years.  He’s also president of the American Family Foundation. Even though it was only recently released, Jesus Therapy has been heralded in the Christian market as a powerful tool for leading fulfilling and successful lives while following the example of Jesus Christ.



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