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Grow In Christ, Grow In Life!

How To Use God's Word For Christian Debt Relief

Learn the Biblical strategies for Christian money growth by working God's plan for increasing money without allowing it to take control over your life!  Learn the key to financial growth which is neither tithes nor offerings as many falsely claim.  More

How To Unlock Your Book Or Product Sales 

No matter what promotion you pay others to provide for your books, products or services, you need a means of organizing it together on a platform that will  grow your audience and fan base.  Learn what you need and how to use it effectively.  More ...

The 7-Day Christian Growth Challenge Training

Become empowered! Take the Christian growth challenge to build a strong foundation of Jesus Christ and achieve victory over the challenges you face daily. Learn how to take dominion over your life even in difficult times!   More ...

Should Christians Prosper In Business?

Yes!  God Needs His Children To Be Blessed! 

Learn how to trust Jesus to lay the foundation of your business or you risk great loss not only in business but from within your heart.  We need to keep God at the center of whatever we do in our personal lives as well as business.   When we do, we will desire to be the financial blessings to God He needs us to be so that we can spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

I Corinthians 3:10  "By the grace God has given me, I laid a foundation as an expert builder, and someone else is building on it. But each one should be careful how he builds."

"Doing Business God's Way" will break down God's Word into the daily activities of doing business in a way that will make it easy to understand and impliment.  And if you're already acting upon God's Word for integrity in business but you're not experiencing the kind of success that brings financial and business growth, then this study will guide you into utiilizing faith principles over your business and money to give you the financial break-through you've been waiting to achieve.   More ----->

Victory Over Weight Gain! 

  • Easy To Put Into Practice! 
  • Be Healthy, Happy and At Peace
  • Achieve Lasting Results!

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What Is The Christian Weight Loss Project? 

First, I'll tell you what it's not.  It's not a diet, program or fad diet that's going to starve you or ruin your health.  It's a project that teaches you how to use God's Word to overcome the problem of weight gain while you develop a strong foundation of Jesus Christ at the same time.  

The Unique Features You Need To Lose Weight and Keep It Off...
  • The Project serves as a guide for using scripture to put health first with the reward of achieving one's perfect weight.  It's an exciting lifestyle that will effect all areas of life.
  • Learn how the Word will always accomplish what it was sent to do and in this case it's weight loss. 
  • Learn my 3-step formula that will change your life spiritually, physically and intellectually for good health and weight loss in Christ Jesus!   

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Rev. James S. Casimier, Jr., Th.D.

Kindle Book Creation Review By Rev. James S. Casimier, Th.D. 

Margaret Lukasik is a godsend. I engaged her services to promote my most recent book, What Happens After Death. Everything about the transaction went beyond my wildest expectation. Margaret was more concerned about the integrity of the treatise than she was about the monetary aspect of the transaction.  Margaret not only answered all of my questions, but she was in constant contact with me. She responded to my emails as if they were text messages.    

    As a result of her expertise, I was able to successfully submit the files for both the Amazon version and the Kindle version and they were both accepted and printed to my satisfaction.  I highly recommend Margaret for book promotions, as well as well as issues related to formatting.  Author of I Am Not Ashamed Of The Gospel Of Christ,How To….? and What Happens After Death

Just A Few Of The Awesome Books I've Reviewed

Because of my Christian growth and life purpose short studies and articles, I target an audience looking to better understand the Bible by means of books, Bible studies, articles and even entertainment. This is why my site is the perfect environment to share Christian information, how-to books, novels, videos, audio or products that reflect Christian life purpose, evangelism, Christian growth, movies and more.  You'll reach an audience of targeted visitors looking for what you may have to sell. Go to my Promotion Information Page to see more titles.

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