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I’ve been helping authors get known on the Internet since 2010 and I can help you too.  It takes a little time to get set up but it will turn your writing into a business or it will greatly enhance your business.  

Best of all, you’re able to build your business to reflect your book genre, your personality and writing style. There is an audience for you and I can help you find it. 

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If you’re not making the book sales you expected, you need this FREE guide to help you get more book sales by following a simple plan that I’ve used for over 10 years to get consistent sales!    

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I don’t know where you are with your writing or book promotions, but I want to offer an important tip. It’s never to soon to begin your book promotion.  I advise authors to begin promoting their books as soon as they begin writing.  

It begins with your book genre and book title because the research you do will tell you if there is an audience for your book or if you need to adjust your book theme in order to build a strong fan base. 

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Book Promotions, Reviews & Free Book Listing

When you’re ready for your book launch, see below to help you choose the best option to promote your book.

1. Sit Down and Relax!

Peruse through relevant sites to your book theme to find the best book promotion sites for your book.

2. Ask Yourself...

What are my book promotion goals or needs that I can afford? Spend wisely or wait to save for what you need.

3. Choose Sites

Choose the correct promotion sites and keep track of your promotions. Link each to your website or blog.

Book Promotion Coaching

Hi.  I’ve been helping authors since 2007 find the readers they need, and now, I’ve got new plans for something big that will take your book promotion to a new level! 

Margaret Lukasik

Book Promotion coach & Mentor

The most popular question my clients ask is how can they promote their books using sites like mine to get a regular income, rather than experiencing high spikes that trickle downward only to remain in that position. I decided to target 2020 as a time to answer that question with an easy to follow method that will work for anyone who desires to make an income from selling their books.  I’ll be sharing this information in October or sooner.  Check back or sign-up as an author to be notified of this new release!

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Premium Book Promotion

This promotion option includes a page, with your book information and bio and a video that is created to get traffic on Youtube. Margaret will purchase your book and give a review on

Classic Book Promotion

Receive an author page with everything in the Premium option, however, it excludes the video promotion feature. Margaret will purchase your book and give you a review on

Book Promotion Only

The promotion page includes a description of your book with an image and text. It shares links to the stores where your book is sold. It also includes a bio. This option does not include a book review.

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Many authors aren’t selling their books, and it’s not because they aren’t good writers.  It’s because they don’t have the specific information needed to sell their books consistently and increasingly. They believe that others will sell their books for them, but before that can happen they need to follow a simple plan.

 I’ve put that plan together in an easy to follow and simple format that can be followed with your current book or any book you write.  Look for my coming release announcement to get my best pricing on  

Selling Books
What Our Clients Are Saying…

“Hi Margaret, thank you again for your encouraging work. Working with you has been a true blessing and I will continue to follow your work. God bless.”

Author of The Cure – Prescription For Life

Steve Byrens, Author and Pastor

“…Perhaps most important, she is honest and always keeps you informed along the way. If she tells you that something will be done, it always is – on time, and better than expected. It is an honor to recommend her to other Christian authors.”

Author Of The Plot To Kill God

Dr. Edward F. Mrkvicka, Jr., Author/Counselor

Gary Milner On Life Purpose Books, Promotion and Reviews

“…“Margaret Lukasik provides a priceless service to Christian authors for very small fees. When I do a Google search for the title of our book, one of her pages comes up first, even before Amazon and my own website!”

Author Of Slaying Life’s Dragons and Beasts

Gary Milner, Author/Speaker

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