Sunday, November 3rd, 2019

Listen To God's Voice!

Isaiah 30:21  "And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left."

God is always speaking to us, even when we don't hear His voice. It's not that we can't hear Him, it's that we're not listening.  We get busy or we center upon the wrong things.  

The good news is that we have a loving God!  When we get too busy to hear His voice or spend time with Him, He reaches out to us with His mercy and love.  By remaining in the Word daily according to Romans 10:17 we can keep the flow of His love and truth in our lives.  But for many of us, it's difficult without direction.   

    The classic book, Musings of the Heart, will direct you each day for all 365 days of the year to follow Jesus in various situations of life we all have in common.  This beautiful collection of Christian reflections or devotions, written by Christian author, Aaron Peters, will keep you in the presence of God each day.

Aaron's Purpose For Writing...

Aaron Peters is a talented young author who has been involved in many Christian endeavors including studies and youth leadership.  He admits that during his busiest times he wasn't listening to God's voice.  As he puts it, "It is very easy to be involved in many Christian activities, and yet forget Christ who is the center of it all."

    Writing Musings of the Heart was part of Aaron's daily devotional practice to realign himself with God and to allow God to speak to him.  As he went through the process of reflection and writing, God did speak to him through various experiences with a soft and gentle voice, rather than a loud, audible voice that God sometimes uses to get our attention. 

   The personal guidance Aaron received turned His focus back to God.  This is what makes Aaron's reflections or daily devotions so special.  They will help you realize the beauty of Christ and see that He meets us where we are at.  He speaks into our lives in a way that is unique to each of us at our point of need as He redeems and conforms us to His likeness and helps us to grow deeper in obedience and faith in Jesus.


Aaron, You spoke right to my heart and soul on this one. I have been trying to prophesy the Word of truth to people in denominational churches who accept a mix of truth and falsehood. It has destroyed our physical relationships and I began to crack this week. I began to question myself and the Word. What if I am wrong? Maybe it is OK to combine works with justification?

I hit rock bottom on Saturday night and on Sunday morning I read a post on FB that lifted me up again. I am not alone (Christ is always with me) and there are others trying to speak the truth. Good post… MARANATHA – Debbie Goodloe on Truth Heals

"Musings Of The Heart" Will Help You Walk With Jesus Daily

Musings of the Heart will help you fulfill the Word from Roman's 12:2 which tells Christians to transform their minds with the Word of God. The Bible's transformation process works with Romans 10:17 to help build faith in Christ and His work on the cross.  By reading Aaron's reflections, you'll remain centered upon Him every day.  Each one shares a situation that is common to everyday living and that we can all relate to in life and in our walk with Christ.

    You'll be inspired each day with excitement to follow Jesus. Each devotion will light up your day with hope, trust in God and clarity to look to Jesus no matter what you're doing or what is happening in your life!

    While it's important to read the Bible and attend Bible studies, it's also important to have practical examples that will help you listen to God and hear His voice. Without them, it can be difficult for believers to attain victory over situations they can't relate to for scriptural solutions. Therefore, each of the devotions written by Aaron point to Jesus concerning specific life experiences we must all face.

    The profound insight Aaron shares with His readers will help you remain centered and focused upon Christ daily to overcome fear, doubt, and discouragement over life issues by having faith and trust in God.

The Gift That Gives All Year Long!

Musings Of The Heart makes the perfect gift for friends and family. It's a gift that continues to give all year long. Give it for Christmas presents, birthdays, thank you gifts and much more.  It also makes a great book to share with those who are unsure about how to live God's Word.  Keep a few on hand for quick gifts that will be appreciated for a lifetime. It's a gift that family and friends will thank you for time and time again.

Click on the yellow button below to order safe and secure from for a daily dose of heart-warming inspiration to focus upon Jesus and begin your day with a positive attitude.  As you spend time with God you'll begin to hear His voice.  And you have nothing to lose because your satisfaction is guaranteed for a full 30 days!


"It is well-written and informative. The love of Jesus is indeed revolutionary - and the needs in our world are so staggering! May our God richly bless you for doing what you can to spread His truth wherever you go!" – Melodious on Beauty from Ashes

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Musings of the Heart

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