The Path To Victorious Christian Living

Victory In Christ Belongs To You!

You Are Entitled To God's Blessings and Promises NOW! 

Life Is Difficult, But Christians Can Learn To Overcome Their Problems!

John 10:10 The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.


Jesus promised mankind abundant living over becoming victim to the thief (Satan) who came to steal, kill and destroy our lives. If you're not sure how to live the abundant life Jesus promises in John 10:10, this study is for you!

When Christians face difficulties they're told to look to the cross! Okay! That's true. We should look to the cross, but what does that mean exactly in regards to living victoriously? 

Knowing a truth won't make it work for us unless we take the steps to utilize it over real life situations. We can spend years reading the Bible and memorizing scripture, but they won't bring change until we apply God's Word by living it and having faith for victorious living. 

This is what The Path To Victorious Christian Livng clearly teaches so that Christians can learn how to enjoy the abundant living Jesus promises in John 10:10. 

  • Learn from the first lesson why you can expect to live victoriously now without having to wait weeks, months and even years for God's Word to work in your life for what you need!   


God has set a clear path for every believer that insures a life of great blessings and fulfillment. We should all want this lifestyle for our children no matter what their age. Even grown children will benefit from your taking this giant step of faith and trust in God.

Hello and Welcome!

My name is Margaret Lukasik and I'm the author of this site and The Path To Victorious Christian Living Bible study. I'd like to ask you two very important questions concerning your Christian walk.

1. "Do you have the assurance that you have victory in Christ no matter what comes against you or what you need?" 

2. "Do you believe that in an emergency you can call upon God for guidance or receive the help you need NOW for yourself, a family member, friend or even a stranger?"

If you can't answer "yes" to both questions, then I believe I can help you achieve the victorious lifestyle you deserve.  You are the righteousness of God and in Christ you are entitled to God's best! Many Christians don't realize that God desires to bless them and make them a blessing, but by the end of this study, you're going to achieve abundant living! 

With so many challenges to Christianity today you need to know how to remain firm in God's Word, how to live it successfully and how to use it against the evils that are working hard to undermine Christian principles.

Let me help you protect your salvation benefits by learning how to have victory in a difficult world through our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. 

-Margaret Lukasik

Victorious Christian Living Author

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Victorious Christian Living Bible Study


The Path To Victorious Christian Living Review No. 1

       Essential Christian Basics and Philosophy 

By Associate Pastor Steve Ashford 

Margaret Lukasik's The Path To Victorious Christian Living is a must read for babes in Christ as well as Christian Leaders. For babes it provides a much needed introduction to essential basics of Christian philosophy and practice. For Christian leaders it provides re-alignment and refocuses the mind on the efficacy and sufficiency of the work the LORD Jesus accomplished on the Cross. 

Traditional clutter and all legalism can be excised from our Christian paradigm as we Discover or Re-Discover the Secret Key of the Cross. The work accomplished on the Cross is sufficient for all our earthly and eternal needs according to Margaret Lukasik. The necessary work has been completed. It is finished! How refreshing and liberating to know that there is nothing I need to or am able to add to the work of the Cross to meet my temporal and eternal needs. We are complete in the LORD Jesus Christ because of the Secret Key of the Cross! 

Great work Margaret! The Path To Victorious Christian Living is a MUST READ!

The Path To Victorious Christian Living Review No. 2

A heart changing tool. 

My personal recomendation By Val Newton-Knowles 

Purchase If you need to really know who you are in Christ. Read this book. Filled with wisdom, truth and practical steps to guide you on the journey, "the secret key to the cross," is an awesome guideline that points you to the heart of the Father, and His heart concerning you. Intertwined with the authors personal journey and experiences the truths of this book are life changing as the author states, "We need to be willing to take part in the gospel of the Kingdom. When we do we'll be living on the top of all our circumstances." If we truly desire to know our Father and walk in His fullness, Discovering the secret key of the cross will get us there. I have read it twice already and highly recommend it.

The Path To Victorious Christian Living Review No. 3

Please Read This Book and Get Some REST

By Jacquie Woodward  

If you are a Christian, read this book and get past struggling. If you are NOT a Christian, read this book and realize what it means to be one. If you are tired and weary or worried and washed out, read this book. If you need a simply explained insight that sets you free INDEED, read this book. Every page is more liberating than the last; please do yourself a favor and read this book regardless of your level of maturity in faith. You could spend 10 times the price of this book and not learn 1/10 of what it holds. 

The Path To Victorious Christian Living Review No. 4

Very Insightful & A Must Have 

By M. Andre  

Being a Christian living a life of deep intimacy with the triune God I bought a copy of this book out of mere curiosity. I needed to know what kind of secret could be revealed in this book. As I read this book, I had to agree with the author. If you get into the book and follow the steps provided for you by the author, you will indeed experience the richness of God's hand of blessing upon you every step of the way through living your identity in Him. 

I like the fact that the writer emphasized throughout the book how to avoid the pitfalls of dead works and teaches Christians how to get hold of the work already done for us on the cross, to claim the life we have in Him. I found that the author has the ability to take something from my perspective is really hard to do, like making a commitment to live your Christian life in Him. I had to learn it the hard way. Yet she made it so simple. 

Making the commitment knowingly is a hard step to take with God. So, I could not help smiling as I realized if you follow those steps in the books before you know it, you will be living a life totally committed to Him in the simplest way. The author used her past experiences along with Bible verses to get you there. She found it liberating to move forward with God and she found freedom in understanding and applying this concept that she shared in this book.

The Path To Victorious Christian Living Review No. 5

This book is amazing in every way

By carlos 

This book is amazing in every way. This is book Is so well written, that is feels as though the author is speaking right to you. This book gives you a great insight, to know who you are in Christ. The keys that she speaks about are ones that can set you free, if you can learn to apply them to you life, as this book has done greatly for me. In just reading this book, I have gained new understanding and God given wisdom to look how I handle my own life in every day living. I would recommend this book to anyone that either wants to better inform themselves, or any one who is searching for answers to how obtain these keys that will unlock doors that will help you get to a better relationship with your Lord and Savior.


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