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Life-Changing Bible Studies By Margaret Lukasik

Life purpose book links that lead to my ebooks from classic to current that are helping people all over the world learn how to develop successful Christian living.

Each of my studies is unique and cannot be found anywhere. I use a pro-active approach for teaching that will guide you into making a specific change from the first lesson of each study. They reflect all of the information I learned years ago that actually brought great change in my life from a difficult childhood and in the lives of others.

-Margaret Lukasik

I've created my studies to be a strong force for successful Christian living. They all work together, with each centering upon the basic information from "Victorious Christian Living."  My most popular studies are found on the right sidebar. All other Bible studies are below with links to their download page.  

As Christians we have God's grace to be forgiven when we ask.  This give us the ability to overcome the failures and mistakes we've made in the past.  God only sees us through Jesus once we're saved, but many people can't overcome their pasts so it can be difficult to to experience transformation from God's Word for success. This is the purpose of my Bible studies. I have written each from my successful experiences with God's Word concerning each specific study and the successful experiences of my helping others use the same information.

All of the ebook Bible studies will help you accomplish a specific growth needed to live fully in Christ. The life purpose links for each study lead to a specific description page on this site. You will receive detailed information about what they teach and their benefits.

Life Purpose Book Links For Success In Christ

The Life Purpose Book Links listed in this group are all studies which are sold separately.  However some of the books can be purchased as a package or special offer with other similar books in order to receive them at a discount or in some cases free.   

Faith and Prayer Bible Studies

Faith and Prayer Dynamics

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre:  Christian Growth

Learn how to develop great faith for answered prayer using God's principles for the different forms of prayer based upon scripture.  Many Christians use the same prayer for everything which can be one of the reasons they don't receive from God.   More...

Victorious Christian Living

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre:  Christian Growth / Life Purpose

From the first lesson you'll learn how to to give your problems to God and rest in Christ while God makes a way for you to receive victory EVERY TIME! I wrote this study to be the foundation of all your studies to make them come alive in your life NOW! .  Update In Progress...

Learn How To Make the Best Decisions

Breaking The Sheep Mentality!

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre:  Christian Growth

Many Christians are led in the wrong direction by the wrong messages which can keep them from making the best decisions for their lives and their families. But now you can avoid following the wrong advise or your own poor decisions. Make the best choices for your life, business and family.  More...

Balance Of Money Bible Study

The Midas Touch Bible Study

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre:  Christian Growth

This study gives clarity and balance about the prosperity message based upon scripture which is not the same as many of the televangelists living ridiculously lavish lifestyles. You're going to learn the truth about why Christians should prosper God's way! More...

Christian Money Growth

Christian Money Growth For Your Financial Breakthrough

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre:  Christian Money Growth

Learn from my experience as a retired Christian coach how to grow your money or get out of debt by using God's principles for Kingdom the way I did over thirty years ago to the present.  You will learn how to rely upon God daily to become financial strong.  More...

Discover Your Divine Destiny

Discover Your Divine Destiny!

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre: Christian Life Purpose

Learn how to discover your life purpose from the first lesson and continue through this exciting study to develop God's special will for your life. You will also learn the attitude of life purpose from the very man who lived the greatest purpose for all mankind, Jesus Christ. More...

Financial Freedom Course

Financial Freedom Course

Author: Margaret Lukasik

Genre:  Financial Growth and Debt Relief

This fun and exciting course will help you take control of your money. It gives the practical side of learning how to take control of your money with fun exercises that I've used to increase my money.  More...

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The Key Of The Cross

The cross of Jesus Christ is our key that will open the door to all of God's blessings. With it we can open the door to what we want or shut the door on what we don't want!  More...


Business God's Way

Putting God at the center of doing business gives you the edge you need for success. Learn God's strategy for business or career success to prosper beyond what appears to be your income earning limitations. More...


Successful Living In Christ

God didn't create you to live in stress over money or debt. He desires that you live a blessed life. Learn how to obtain your financial increase God's way. More...

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