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But most people go about their lives not realizing the hidden truth behind many of the problems they suffer daily concerning health, finances, family and general well-being. 

Dear Friend,

My name is Steve Byrens and I've written a new book that I've titled The Cure: Prescription For Life.  It's based upon "the cure" I received many years ago at a time when I had been living my life without God.  At age 34 I had found myself broken and alone.  But when my wife Sonia found the Lord, I followed her footsteps in November of 1997.  Through the infilling of the Holy Spirit we now had and still have the power and desire to live for Him! The change in my life has been amazing!

     However, once I was saved and began studying scripture, I became acutely aware of the fact that as society has grown in knowledge of our natural world, our knowledge of spiritual things has decreased. Because of this imbalance, it has affected the quality of life and our general well-being. It has caused us to look only at the physical ills of the body, such as cancer, for example, which understandably instills great fear by just thinking about its insidious impact upon the human body. 

     Did you know that every year in the United States, 1.4 million people are given the news that they have cancer? Of that number, over five hundred thousand of them are told that it is terminal.  However, globally the statistics become more dramatic! 

The United States Government Centers For Disease Control show that 12.7 million people globally learn they have cancer.    

     The United States government is concerned that not enough preventative measures are taken by making available services and technologies in low-and middle-income countries while billions of dollars are raised by well-meaning organizations attempting to find "the cure" for cancer and other types of terminal diseases.  

     While I totally agree that this is all necessary and important, we must also give the same importance to our spiritual health concerning prevention and healing.  Very few Christians know who they are in the spirit and therefore are not able to effectively share their faith with others who don't know Jesus.  Sadly, they are spiritually sick and in some cases even more so than many of the people in the world they are trying to save!   

     This is why I want to reach both believers and non-believers alike with my important message about "The Cure" which is our prescription for life through Jesus.  I want them to know the good news that once we come to Christ and receive salvation, we become a new person in the spirit. 

  2 Corinthians 5:17, describes it this way:

”Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!”  

Biblical Facts:

Many people don't realize that they are more than physical.  According to 1 Thessalonians 5:23 God made each of us a spirit who has a soul and who lives in a body.

James 2:26 says that the body without the spirit is Dead!

     2 Corinthians 5:17 isn’t referring to your body. Whatever your appearance, size, shape or color before you accepted Christ will remain the same afterwards. Your body didn’t automatically change and neither did your soul which the Bible says is the mental and emotional part of you.  

     The body and soul must be renewed once salvation takes place, but in the spirit you become a brand-new species of being--you become a child of God! Your spirit is totally new.  I find this truth exciting and I hope that you do too because knowing this information is not only life-changing, but it can mean the difference between success and failure in your life.  However, knowing is not enough!

     I know you want to succeed in your Christian walk and your life, but do you know how to insure that you will?  Most Christians haven't been taught how to transform their minds, bodies or souls, leaving them at a sharp disadvantage spiritually speaking.  But my goal is to help you and other Christians like you learn how to transform your thinking for success.  This is what the Bible calls the renewing of the mind from Romans 12:2.

    As you learn the process, you will no longer have to live in fear and doubt about your well-being or think that material and financial success can bring you inner peace and satisfaction, only to be disappointed.  Instead, you will be able to accept what Jesus has to offer through His blessings that belong to you by faith. 

"It Became Very Clear To Me That We Must All Regard Spiritual Health The Same As Our Physcial Health!" 

Most people are more interested in their physical health without realizing there is another side to our well-being than what we can see.  Just as it's wise to seek medical assistance for a cure of our physical and mental illnesses, it's also vital that we look to the Bible concerning a "spiritual cure" that brings healing to the very core of our being for inner strength and well-being.


James 2:26 tells us the body is dead without the spirit.  While the physical body is deteriorating or aging daily, the human spirit brings regeneration to the body, soul and mind through SPIRITUAL HEALTH which gives us quality and longevity of life as we follow Jesus.  But the question becomes, "how do we follow Jesus?"  

     And what if one has little or no understanding of the Bible or they are not a believer?  They want and need to know how they too can begin with God.  Is this something that you think about?  If you do, I understand your concern.  I once had these same questions until God led me to me to Jesus.

     I came to realize that just as we put our lives in the hands of the medical profession for a diagnosis with the hope of a cure when we're sick or we suffer from a terminal illness, we can also put ourselves into the hands of Jesus when we become ill from deep within the core of our beings.

QUOTE:  "I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me." - Jesus


  • Jesus is not only "life" but The Great Physician!  

The Cure: Prescription For Life is going to show you Jesus' deep concern and love for you.  He too was concerned about physical healing as He walked about the earth.  However, His main focus was spiritual life. Every time He healed a person, cast out a demon or provided food, it was always to open a persons eyes to his or her deeper need for God.

     The good news is that Jesus is still with us today doing the same works that He did in Biblical times.  According to Hebrews 13:8 "...Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever!"

     I want to bring you closer to Jesus in a way you've never experienced.  He's here for each of us no matter where we are in our lives, but we have to know how to approach Him.  We can go to Jesus in prayer, but we also have to know Who He was through scripture so that we can know Who He is today.  

     A great place to begin with Jesus is to study the Beatitudes and make them a working part of our lives.  This is one of the greatest benefits of "The Cure."  It teaches how to use the very Words of Jesus to develop a successful pattern of living that continually develops.    


For a limited time, I'm offering free MP3 sermons on the Beatitudes to better help you receive The Spiritual Cure That Only Jesus Gives.  Details below.

     But before I explain more on the subject of the Beatitudes, I want to share with you something very important about your spiritual health.  

     The cure that Jesus offers is not a one-time pardon, but a complete life change. It is a radical transformation that takes us from brokenness to wholeness, from despair to hope, and most importantly, from death to life! Every one who has read this book or who will read it has someone they know—a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a coworker— who is spiritually sick. Maybe even themselves.

     Through our relationship to Jesus Christ, we not only have access to the cure that WE ALL NEED for this sickness, but according to Jesus, as we live for Him and let our light shine in the dark, we are part of how He brings the cure to bear on this lost world in which live.  This is what all Christians need to do and desire to do in their walk with Christ.  However, I know that it's difficult for many to know where to begin. 

     Jesus shows us in John 4:13–14 and John 4:31–36 that although God knows we have physical needs and He is more than willing to meet those needs on our behalf, His concern is that we spend much of our time and energy taking care of our physical needs with the assumption that it will make us happy and even spiritually satisfied. 

     For the first 34 years of my life that I was not saved, I eventually found myself broken and alone.  I had a beautiful wife and three wonderful children, a great job, a nice home. I had everything that the world says you need to be happy. But on the inside I was completely empty and numb. I turned to alcohol, drugs, and the accumulation of “stuff” to try and ease the pain.  But in the end it only left me feeling more broken.

     Once I received the cure that only Jesus can give, my life began to have meaning and purpose.  God showed me who I am in Christ and led me into the missions field in Guatemala for two years until January of 2008.  I then received the call to return home as pastor of the City on a Hill Community Church in Olivet, Michigan. In the same way that my life has been transformed, it is my heart’s desire to serve God in sharing His transforming power in a great way. 

     I believe that individual lives can be changed, families restored, and whole communities set free by the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek" (Romans 1:16).  

Once I discovered the spiritual cure that only Jesus can give for my own life and then reached out to my community, I wanted to share what I had learned in a greater way.  I wrote, The Cure - Prescription For Life in the hope to help Christians everywhere learn who they are in Christ! 

Friend, What I found was that no one can truly meet Jesus and stay the same.

This is not a book just to read and you're ready to move on to the next one.  The information found in this short but powerful book is going help you today and I believe you'll want to keep it as a relevant refence book for better understaning the New Testament.  The book is based upon the Beatitudes that, if followed like a prescription, will give your life direction and a "pattern" for how to live your life.  

     Here is a list of just some of the lasting benefits you'll get by reading "The Cure" and allowing it to overtake your life with God's blessings.

"The Cure" - Highlights and Benefits For Spiritual Health:

You're Going To:

  • Discover God's love and forgiveness 
  • Receive God's grace and power 
  • Be assured that God keeps all His promises
  • Understand the Lord's patience with you
  • Learn how to find true and lasting joy
  • Understand true Biblical peace
  • Receive a pattern for living from Jesus
  • Receive God's greatest blessings
  • Learn how to come alive in Christ
  • Learn who you are in Christ and more... 

These are just some of the benefits that will transform your life from the inner feelings people harbor without realizing or understanding how they affect our physical, mental and emotional well-being.  

     For example, deep-rooted anger, bitterness, unforgiveness of others, covetness, jeaousy and other such feelings and emotions can cause stress that results in one's inability to cope with the everyday problems in a way that is productive. These feelings taint the reality and make us believe the worst about a situation.

     Did you know that there are many kinds of illnesses caused by stress involving both the body and the mind?  Insomnia, excess weight gain and general depression are common problems for many people, yet they don't realize that poor spiritual health could be the reason for these conditions. 

     The online Farlex Medical Dictionary tells us that it is now believed that 80-90% of all disease is stress-related, however a combination of attitudinal and behavioral changes works well for most patients. The best form of prevention appears to be parental modeling of healthy attitudes and behaviors within the family.  This information tells us that we have choices in how we behave and whichever way we choose will even affect our children!                          

      According to Hebrews 4:12 the Word of God has the power to show us who we really are from within our soul and spirit and it reveals to us our true thoughts and intentions from the heart. I wrote, The Cure - Prescription For Life to help Christians use the Word of God in order to define the difference between the unproductive behaviors and the attitudes Jesus has given us to live by that will create peace and joy, rather than unhealthy stress and worry. It will make each of us positive role models for our children.  

Lisa M.

"Once you accept that you're terminally ill, you'll do whatever it takes to find the cure" A physician usually diagnoses physical cancer. But how do you know if you suffer from spiritual cancer? Steve Byrens beautifully written analogy takes you step by step through the process from diagnosis to the cure. I have the Kindle version but plan on purchasing a hardcover also to keep as a companion to my Bible. I know I will be referencing this book again and again. Steve has a marvelous way of proving God's love for us through scripture."

Teresa T.

"I have the special privilege to listen to Pastor Steve Byrens every week, I am so excited to read his very first book, and it had me right at the very beginning! This book reveals not only truth in our society today regarding our God, but the desperate spiritual need to have a personal and growing relationship with Him. This is a very easy yet eye opening read. If you are searching for a change in your life, then I would like to encourage you to please take some time to purchase and read a book that will do just that!  Thank You."     

ForeWord Reviews by Michelle Anne Schingler (condensed version)

"A guide for Christians to live humbly in a secular world, this book is a thoughtful addition to spiritual literature. Steve Byrens, a former missionary who graduated from Liberty University, presents an evocative, Gospel-based spiritual guidebook. Penned with evangelical conviction, the book aims to address what the author identifies as a pervasive human ailment: the absence of God in contemporary life. Byrens’s prompts insist on lives directed by kindness, so that one is always both right with God and a light unto others.  Overall, The Cure: Prescription for Life is a thoughtful contribution to conservative Christian spiritual conversations.  For the complete review, go here.


Consider This Important Decision That Will Bring You Peace and Success: 

Everyone makes a decision about their spiritual health whether they realize it or not.  We either reject, deny or accept our spiritual existence by the way we live our lives.  However, just an acceptance is not enough.  We have to embrace the fact that the human spirit is at the center or core of our well-being.  

     Few Christians realize that they have to do something to make this part of their lives grow and influence how they behave or follow the right path for success.  The Bible tells us in Proverbs 20:27 that the spirit of man is the candle of the Lord that reflects upon all other areas of our being. (NASB) "The spirit of man is the lamp of the LORD, searching all the innermost parts of his being." 

     The Bible also says that in the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established (2 Corinthians 13:1).  I have given you proof from the Bible that man is a spirit from James 2:26 and Proverbs 20:27. So now it's time to move past indecision and move forward with God.  You need to choose which path to take concerning your spiritual health and healing.  Either choose your own path based upon worldly knowledge, or God's wisdom by following Jesus.

     The right choice is to follow Jesus, but there is little information that clearly defines how. This is why I decided to fill that need!  

Our sin nature is dead and gone, but we still have a body and a carnal mind. It will still function as programmed until we reprogram it with God's Word. That’s what the Bible calls the renewing of the mind. And as we act upon what we learn from Jesus and other men and women of faith from the Bible our lives become transformed (Romans 12:2)!  But I also wanted to present God's spiritual healing in a way that deals with "real life" issues that we face today.

     My information will bring you the spiritual health and healing you need because it will transform your mind as you read from one page to the next.  Unlike some Christian books that preach at you or make you feel bad about yourself or guilty, The Cure: Prescription For Life imparts God's love, mercy, compassion and forgiveness throughout each page in a way that makes you feel as if God is speaking to you personally.  It lets you know that you are God's very own and there is nothing He won't do for you.  But it's not just a "feel good" book.  It offers much more!  

     It clearly teaches through the Beatitudes how we can live our lives on a daily basis on top of our circumstances and free of the toxic messages that bring us fear and anxiety throughout each day instead of God's message of peace and deliverance.  You are going to learn the truth from God's Word that anyone can achieve whatever belongs to us in Christ.

     What people need is to be empowered by God's word, and Jesus is the One to lead us to that victory.  When we see the victory we have in Jesus, we can look to Him with thankfulness for our redemption and freedom to experience all the benefits of our salvation.  This is life-changing information that brings healing to the human spirit!  

     I don't want you to see yourself as a "sinner" who must continue to struggle with sin as many Christians believe they must do.  I want to release you from that bondage to experience the total change that takes place in our nature once we begin to utilize the Word.  I have found through my own life and in the lives of others who I have helped through ministry that the best place to begin in the Bible for inner healing and strength is the Beatitudes.  this is where I have centered the information in my book. 

What Exactly Are "The Beatitudes" and How Can They Bring New Life?

Left to our own devices, we have no hope of finding a cure.  The cure that Jesus gives is a complete life change. It is a radical transformation that takes us from brokenness to wholeness, from despair to hope, and most importantly, from death to life!  I'm sure you know someone—a family member, a friend, a neighbor, a coworker—who is spiritually sick. 

     Through our relationship to Jesus Christ, not only do we have access to the cure for our own lives, but according to Jesus, as we live for Him, as we let our light shine in the dark, we are part of how He brings the cure to bear on this lost world in which live.  Spiritual life and healing belongs to everyone, not just a chosen few!

Review By Paul Amrozowicz 

"From a spiritual standpoint, we are all born terminally ill.  We are all born with a deadly spiritual disease. That disease is sin.  Fortunately, there is a cure for this disease. That cure, as described in a new book entitled, The Cure: Prescription for Life, may be found in the words of Jesus Christ... 

As author Steve Byrens quite accurately explains, the first few verses of the Sermon on the Mount, colloquially known as the Beatitudes, provide the healing dose that not only cures us of our terminal disease, but provides for our continued spiritual health. It is only after we willingly admit that we are terminally ill that we can honestly seek a cure.  

Mr. Byrens then guides the reader through each of the remaining Beatitudes, describing how each further assists in battling this insidious disease known as sin. Mr. Byrens’ writing style is enjoyable. He includes several thought-provoking questions at the end of each chapter, and his personal anecdotes provide glimpses as to who he is (and was) as a man. 

 I highly recommend The Cure: Prescription for Life. No matter where you may be on the spectrum of spiritual maturity, it will provide you with the reminder that the cure for what truly ails you comes only through Jesus. 

Read the complete review."

     This is a book for all Christians, but it's also a "must-read" for persons exploring the need to receive salvation. The teaching is straight from the Bible and relates an important message given by Jesus from Matthew 5:3-12 called the Beatitudes.

     They are an invaluable set of teachings that also appear in the Gospel of Luke. They describe nine blessings in the "Sermon on the Mount" in Matthew. Each is a proverb-like proclamation filled with meaning. They consist of a condition and the result. In almost every case the condition is from familiar context, but Jesus teaches a set of Christian ideals that focus on a spirit love and humility. Jesus was referring to the cure!

     Every Christian needs to understand how to achieve this spiritual healing that is so often overlooked and yet so necessary for Christian success and salvation. Jesus was not speaking to the minds of the people, but to the human spirit with words of blessings that were meant to cure human pride, arrogance, and self-assurance to bring new life and revival.

     "The cure — Prescription For Life" was written in a way that will help you receive the words of Jesus and implement them into your life today.  You will learn how to apply the message of the Beatitudes to your life in order to realize inner healing that will result in peace, joy and great fulfillment.     

We All Need "THE CURE" For Spiritual Health That Only Jesus Can Give!

  • At one time or another we all face trials in our lives. I'm sure you know what I mean.  Even Christians aren't free from the difficulties that come from living in an imperfect world. However, we have the perfection of Jesus! He is our one and only reliable source that will always bring us victory as we look to Him in faith for the healing of all ills or problems. But it's not always easy to know how to apply God's Word to our lives...

     Jesus is our greatest solution and He is our means of prevention. Even if you are not experiencing problems now, it is wise and prudent to be prepared for whatever might come whether it be poor health, disease, illness, money problems, debt or even a well-intended decision that has gone wrong.  Jesus is "your cure" and I not only show you what the cure is, but how to apply it to your life as I go through each Beatitude with an in-depth explanation and examples to give you better understanding.  

     The Cure: Prescription For Life, will show you the way to the life you deserve. After experiencing the life-changing power of the Gospel message in my own life, I have developed a passion for teaching God's Word in a way that connects with people who struggle to accept God's love and grace.  Below are just some of the ways in which I can help you overcome the problems of your life.     


I Can help You Overcome The Problems Of Life For Lasting Change!

Look at some of the reasons why "The Cure" can help you become spiritually whole through Jesus Christ...

The Demand For "The Cure" Is Everywhere Because Everyone Needs Either Spiritual Healing Or A Preventative To Maintain A Healthy Spiritual Life! 

THIS IS WHY YOU NEED "THE CURE: Prescription for Life"

And this is why I'm going to make it easy for you to order today!  I'm offering you my 100% guarantee that you will be satisfied with my book. 

I'm also going to include my special bonus that will help give you more guidance to live your life in peace and joy the way you deserve.  I want to give you every advantage to walk day-by-day with Jesus.  It's completely free!  You'll receive it as an immediate download as soon as you order either the paperback or the digital download.  It's yours to keep no matter what.  

Spiritual Cure Sermons


Order now and receive my specific sermons  that shed more light on how to daily put into practice the Beatitudes to receive the spiritual cure that only Jesus gives.  Paired with "THE CURE: Prescription For Life" they will help to better facilitate your inner growth and daily peace.  

This offer will be available for only a short time, so it's important that you act today! 

     Now that you know how important it is to obtain and maintain your spiritual health, it's time to take action and move forward with God.  To be truly successful we must all admit to the changes we need to receive the quality of life we deserve.  

     You're at a crossroads.  It's time to choose the benefits of the cure that only Jesus can give through his teachings from the Sermon On The Mount.  I've made it easy for you to implement each of the Beatitudes into your life.  They will all work together to bring you God's greatest blessings that are yours through salvation. 

     I've also included scripture to back my teaching with questions that follow the end of each chapter.  This type of reinforcement will help to keep the Word of God implanted in your heart and quickly take root as you begin to act on it.  In other words, it will help to make the Beatitudes a working part of your everyday life.

     Choosing to order this unique book could very well be one of the most important decisions you make about your spiritual health and well-being.  Take the high-road with Jesus and allow Him to lead you on the most meaningful and exciting journey of your life.  Remember, Jesus cares for you and desires to bless you today!  You need the spiritual cure than only Jesus gives.


Steve Byrens

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