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The Day The World Retreated

I'm very thankful to have author Jim Armstrong as a guest writer on my Life Purpose Blog. I'm very much looking forward to his writing and writing tips to help other authors.

I came to know about Jim through his book, The Day The World Retreated.  It's a great mix of Christian inspiration and science fiction that expresses some of the most beautiful writing I've read on a topic dear to my heart--that each of us live our divine destinies to the fullest with the desire that everyone else discovers and develops greatness in their lives as well.   

My Impression of Jim's Book

Jim's message of life purpose builds through the development of one of his main characters, Carl Winters, a man severely warped from the extreme abuse he suffered as a child. Page after raw page of this intriguing story leads to an unexpected metamorphosis in Carl's character as he evolves from a person of self-interest and ambition to a man of great inner growth and wisdom, capable of changing the world while he discovers the true meaning of life.

I'm happy to have Jim as a guest writer on my blog and hope that he has the time to continue sharing his information on my site. He has a great understanding of the divine destiny we were each meant to fulfill and the importance of making the right choices while we still have the chance. 

He has made some new changes to his book that will make it more interesting. So if you purchase his book, you'll get the new changes! I'm looking forward to Jim's blog posts and updates about his future books and promotions!  


Jim's Personal Story

Jim Armstrong is a native Texan and an avid sci-fi fan, technologist, and futurist. His general interest in science and technology began with the space program in the 1960s, which led to studies in math and science in college, eventually culminating with a degree in Math and a minor in Aerospace Engineering.

He enjoys authoring fictional stories about the near future that contain a moral or object lesson. His favorite modern author is Clive Cussler, his favorite movie is The Matrix, and his favorite sport is tennis. Mr. Armstrong attends Berean Memorial Church in Irving, TX.

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