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Christian Book Sales Letters and Promotion

If you're a Christian author you need to use Sales Letters to more effectively get your message to the right audience and then convince them why your book is important for them to obtain.  It's also important that it be written from a Christian point of view rather than extreme marketing sales tactics which use "fear" to push a person into buying products.

   Christian products and books should not be "pushed" to Christians.  Instead your audience should be treated wisely and as intelligent beings who need your information to become better in a specific area of Christian growth.  Knowing how to sell to an audience is important, but knowing how to sell to a Christian audience takes "TRUST" as well as a great sales technique.  

   I've been selling my books and services with this type of marketing since 1981 and now that I'm retired, I have the time to help other Christians do the same.  Once I transitioned to the Internet in 1999 I had to learn how to redirect my thinking to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Internet marketing strategies in order to make my sales pages get known within a sea of millions of websites.  I conquered that hill and now you can have the benefit of my hard work, study and financial expense.  

   I've also been helping Christian authors since 2010 through my Life Purpose Christian Book Review and Promotion Program and now I'm ready to help them realize a new level of promotion to coordinate with their other promotion efforts.  

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Margaret Lukasik

There's more than one type of book promotion.  Your book should be exposed to those which will greatly enhance it and your message. 

I've been on the Internet since 1999 selling my books and services, but I've been selling my writing since 1981 when I decided to work at home to be with my children.  It was a great time, but I also learned a great deal about how to market my books.  I began with mail order because computers weren't available at the level they are now, so I had to learn how to write  sales letters and display ads to realize success at that time. 

My Past Experience Helped Me Achieve Success On The Internet and Now Other Authors As Well 

I also took courses that taught successful sales letter creation from some of the most successful copywriters in the business of writing great product and book campaigns for magazines, newspapers and direct mail.  This training helped me to be even more effective.  In time, I became an expert at writing letters to potential customers who purchased my books and products.  However, I had to experiment and tweak some of the information I had learned because most of the very prominent copywriters use sales tactics which I didn't believe fit with the Christian ethic.  

   I like to be more direct with my audiences rather than cover a book's message with various techniques that are meant to force potential customers to purchase whatever is being sold.  I believe that Christians should not be looked upon as sheep who can be easily tricked into purchasing whatever is before them.  Instead, I believe that my writing should empower potential buyers to understand their "need" for purchasing a product or book based upon what they consider to be a wise and intelligent decision.  

  I center every sales letter around the INTEGRITY of each book to highlight the author's  message and draw the best and most motivated audiences for the book genre. What this can mean to you IS MORE POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS!

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I Work With Only One Author At a Time With Sales Letters

Because I don't just crank out the sales letters that I write within my Christian Book Sales Letters Program, I can only work on one letter at a time.  If you see my "AVAILABLE" sign below, then you can order the package today.  If you wait, I may be busy with another author's letter.  It can take about a month and a half for me to complete the work depending upon what package you purchase.  

Sales Letters For Christian authors

I Consider The Present and Future Of Your Book

"The Sales Letter"

Sales Letter Book Program

Your book  message is  the focal point of the letter.

I will read your book, do research about the theme and then write a compelling letter to make your book stand out within various genres to the readers on my websites and throughout the Internet.  


Enhance your books visibility to a variety of audiences.

Authors must have a means of showing interested readers why their book stands out from other books in their genre. Sharing your sales letter will help to broadcast that message to get your book known.  


  1. Search engine presence.
  2. Social broadcasts to help get your book known.
  3. I have a Christian audience looking for Christian life or Christian growth information.
  4. My writing will make your book message or theme compelling.
  5. Your book theme will be clear, yet relevant to many genres.  

What Kind Of Books Work Best For My Program?

Non-fiction books work best with the use of Christian book sales letters.  This is because a reader doesn't want to invest too much time reading about a story, they would much rather put that time into reading the book.  Book trailers and short book promos work best for novels.  However, how-to, Christian teaching and information books do very well with sales letters.  This is where I have my expertise, but I have also written sales letters for novels and they don't attract as much attention, if any, as non-fiction books. 

Although I can write great sales letters for novels I don't recommend it unless an author has a good purpose such as a book campaign or other type of situation where a sales letter is necessary.  Therefore, I only write sales letters for non-fiction books unless an author has a good purpose to use one.  

What I'll Do For Your Book and You Through This Exciting Program!

Christian Book Promotion Program


I use search engine techniques to obtain free targeted traffic. I've had to adapt to the changes of the times over the years for book sales and will continue to do so in order to keep up with modern day Internet demands.  I know how important it is to overcome the competition and instead use it to get more attention for my books and the books of the authors I assist.    

   For each sales letter I use a combination of graphics, page layout and design for the purpose of making each letter attractive.  It will be created to enhance the look and feel of the book.  The sales page will be located on two of my high exposure websites.    

   The letter will link to your purchase page on your site or Internet store sites such as, Barnes and Noble or the store of your publisher's sales page. I'll also show you how to link the sales page to your site if you have one and need the help.  I encourage you to have a site.  It's so important that I'm going to include a free download of my ebook, "Ten Internet Success Tips" to help you build your site in a way that will get attention for your book.      

If you're ready for me to begin building your sales page, check below to see if I'm available.  If I am, I'll begin working with you right away!  If not, contact me and I'll place you on my list to be the next author in this exciting program.  But before you continue, please read the "3 Elements" of what makes my Christian Book Sales Letters Program stand out from other book or product programs.


Why Is My Service Unique, Effective and Money Saving?

Other services charge from $2,500 and up to create a working sales letter for their clients.  With my Christian Book Sales Letters Program you'll receive the benefit of three important promotion elements for a small cost in comparison because I do all the work myself rather than outsourcing for research, page design and the use of appropriate graphics. My program makes affordable what many new authors can't afford in the beginning of their book promotion efforts. 

You'll receive these three important promotion elements...  

1. My sales letter experience.  Many people can write, but they haven't been trained how to write in order to generate book or product sales.  You have the benefit of my expertise. 

2. My sales experience with Christian and self-improvement books.  I know how to write within these genres and have successful experience for selling my own books and services to persons all over the world since 1981.

3. I never stop promoting your sales page and other information.  Unlike other programs, I insure that the books I promote fit with the theme of my websites so that your information will get continuous attention just from my visitors alone as well as the promotion efforts given through my social networking and blog posts written correctly with SEO.  All sales pages and corresponding blog posts remain on my sites.

Many other promotion programs take every genre of books that are submitted to them so that the traffic they generate is usually for the trendy or more popular worldly books that don't share the Christian ethic. 

  Review Of What You'll Receive From My Christian Book Sales Letters Program

  • I will write a compelling sales letter based upon the information you give me and the research I do from reading your book, your bio and learning about the specific theme of your book. 
  • I don't just crank out my sales letters, I take the time to do the proper research and marketing for a specific book or product.  I'll take about two months to two and a half months for the total project because I will also create promotion pages and two short videos for your book. I will promote these as well.
  • I will write blog posts on both of my Christian sites that include your promotion pages.  Links to your sales page, website and other book endeavors will be included.  These sites include and
  • Any other books you've written will be incorporated into your sales letter with your permission.
  • I'll also give you a free download to my ebook, "Marketing Strategies Made Easy" to help you create a website that will attract attention to your site, your letter and ultimately your book.  And it can be done for free!
  • I'll share your book on my social networks and share your videos on my YouTube Channels
  • You can easily take 6 months to pay with PayPal "Bill Me Later (see below).

Get started with my Christian Book Sales Letters Promotion Program... 

  • You Will Have No Other Expenses Other Than My One-Time Fee 

Professional Sales Letter Fee Only $528.00

Let Me Help You Decide With More Information 

You may have many questions before you take this exciting step to help promote your book through my Christian Book Sales Letters Promotion Program and I understand.  I'll be happy to discuss my program with you. Just email me and I'll get back to you right away.  I never push my services as I desire that each of my clients feel comfortable with their decision to work with me and use my programs.  I will only answer your questions and concerns to give you the direction you are searching for.  


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What Books Will I Accept?

Christian and personal growth books that reflect the Christian ethic.  I will not work with books that discuss graphic sex or bad language.

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