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When it comes to book promotion, my Creative Sales Letter Program will get you the exposure you need and the opportunity for increased book sales.  You've worked hard to write your book, but the task of promoting it is even harder. This is why you need someone with experience in the area of self-publishing book promotion to help you make the task a whole lot easier. I can do it for you (see The Sales Letter Page) or I can teach you how it's done!

So let me tell you why I'm the right person to teach you how to use this type of promotion for your Christian or personal growth book and future books:  


1.  I'm experienced with over 30 years of writing sales letters and ads for specific themed books:  Christian, personal growth (that reflect Christian values) and at one time, craft books.

2.  I teach Christians how to live successfully in Christ so I know how to communicate with Christians.  I've been to ministry school and have been a Christian couch, so I understand the mindset of various stages of Christianity and how to appeal to each.

3.  I have been an avid reader of self-help and personal growth books over the years, so I know and understand the audiences I need to target.  What I don't know, I research.

4.  I have sold my books, related products and services successfully as a home business beginning in the year of 1981. I had to develop the skill of writing direct mail sales letters and ads because there was no Internet.  I was too wordy when I began, but the publication department of one of magazines I used worked with me until I understood the skill of writing to sell.  I also took courses that helped me better target my audiences.  In time I began making a part time income that gradually increased to full-time. While I can't predict exactly how my Creative Sales Letter Program will work for you, I will help you understand how to use the sales letter you create to realize a growing visibility on the Internet with the goal of selling your book and gaining followers.  

When my husband was in real estate, I helped him with the computer tasks and one of the things I did was write sales letters to get new business.  Anyone who has ever been in real estate knows how difficult it can be to get clients, but my monthly letters brought in a large percentage of our business.  One woman even remarked that it was my sales letter that made her believe she could trust us in a world of "cut throat" people.  By keeping that trust, we received repeat business and referrals, and that's the way it works for selling any product, including books.  

As a testimony to my sales letter writing and my ability to process the letters successfully on the Internet is the fact that I receive more book review and promotion submissions through my Book Review and Promotion Program than I can handle. I have to temporarily close access to ordering at different intervals.  I do get help from my husband but even between the two of us there is a limit to the work we can do.     

5.  I write engaging letters that connect with people.  I write just as if I knew the person reading the letter and am writing a personal letter only to them. People love to feel special and they should!  We're all special, but not always treated as such.  I like my letters to let the reader know that I believe they're worth something special and that they'll find what they need in the book or product offered. The world can be hard on people, I want my letters to make people feel better with hope that there is something to give their life new meaning or expectation of something better than what they already know.  

6. I do extensive research on the Internet to insure that I use the best keywords for your letter.  I'll teach you how to do the same.  This step is very important as the right keyword will help you obtain free traffic made up of people who are looking for your book information.  For instance, my research for this page gave me the keyword phrase, "Creative Sales Letter Program" which could be found on the first page of Google for Christian sales letters in the number one position just under the paid ads.  Over time it has gone up and down, but it's always remained on that same number one page! Look at my sales page ad listing for yourself:  Google Search Engine.   

When people look up the popular keywords I've chosen through my research, my sales letters or sales letter sites show up on the first page of Google. These are the pages potential customers look at first!  Why does this happen?  I create the blogs and pages in a way that are search engine friendly (SEO), and they are linked to my site which has been created with SEO in mind to get more traffic and acceptance with the search engines. 

7.  My sales pages get growing exposure for free on all of my sites and blogs because I continue to grow them daily. I'll show you how to easily grow your traffic for free, but as you grow, you'll have the choice of buying more traffic if you desire.     

8.  I have been using vital selling strategies that I will teach and show you how to use in your sales letter.  They will help you engage the reader with a deeper connection.  These are quality selling points that have worked for me since I began writing sales letters.  

9.  The fee for my Creative Sales Letter Program is a one-time fee and the course is by email so that you can work according to your schedule.  There are no hidden costs. 

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 The Mechanics Of My Creative Sales Letter Program

Take A Look At My Process For The Creative Sales Letter Program That You're Going To Learn By eMail.

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Sales Letter Mechanics

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #1

I show you how to begin collecting your information.

I'll show you what information to gather about your book and what to look for on the Internet.  I'll also show you how to store this safely in a file on your computer. Then I'll teach you how to do your research from specific sources for marketing development that will in time bring your sales page growing traffic. I keep this information organized for later.

Letter writing research

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #2

I'll show you what important points from your book to organize for your letter.

You'll learn how to read your book from a copyrighter's (for creating your sales letter) point of view and take notes.  Then show you how to combine this information with your research to create an outline and then a rough draft of your letter, using my 5 most important elements of copyrighting for Christian information. 

Create the sales letter

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #3

Creating the sales letter.

You'll learn how to begin your sales letter on Word, with a program or with a free Blogger site.  You'll learn how to organize the information, check for spelling, punctuation and developing the formatting which is easy in Word or on most sites.  I will show you how to continue to develop my 5 elements into your letter to insure that the reader continually focuses on the message of your book and how it will help them to the very end of the letter.

Creating the sales letter design

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #4

Creating The Sales Letter Design.

You'll learn to easily match the color and look of your letter to aesthetically enhance your book and call attention to your page.  You can do this easily without graphic experience.  You'll learn how to create your sales page to be dynamic, compelling and engaging to the very end.  This will attract the right audience for your book to get growing traffic.   

Monetize your sales letters

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #5

Monetizing Your Sales Page with PayPal, video, book trailer & social networks.

You'll learn how to use PayPal, link to Internet sites where your book is sold and easily create or obtain specific graphics that will target the reader's attention.  If you have a video, book trailer or social networking graphics I'll teach you how to place them properly on your letter. 

Making of the sales letter

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #6

Putting the package together.

NOW IT'S TIME to publish your sales letter and advertise it on prominent places of your site, your social networks and specific places online.  I will show you how to generate interest for your letter on the Internet to get your book known and to help you increase your sales.   

I will submit your pages

Creative Sales Letter Program Step #7

Obtaining your audience.

You'll learn how to gain an audience for your site and your book by following the information I share in my free "Internet Success Tips" ebook that you'll receive and the dynamic information I'll share with you.  If you continue on the path I set for you, you'll grow your traffic and build an continuing interest for your book. 

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You Can Do It!

You're going to learn skills that will save you a great deal of money and time to help sale your book and future books.  This information is vital to your success!

I'm Ready To Help You Take A Smart Move To Get More Sales For Your Christian Book!

Let Me Promote Your Book

It's up to you now.  I've shared what I'll do to help you write a great sales letter for your book.  Now it's up to you to take the future of your book's success in your hands and work with me.  

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What Books Will I Accept?

Christian and personal growth books that reflect the Christian ethic. I will not work with books that discuss graphic sex or bad language.

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