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Yes You Really Can Live The Life of Your Dreams  

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Yes You Really Can by Carla Burrows

Yes You Really Can Information

  • Paperback: 172 pages
  • Publisher: iUniverse (June 21, 2010)
  • Language: English
  • Genre: Motivational/Inspirational
  • Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.4 x 5.5 inches

YES YOU REALLY CAN: Live the Life of Your Dreams

Yes You Really Can is an invitation to stop dreaming and start living.  It's a book for anyone struggling to live the life they deserve and desire. Whether you want to fulfill a life long dream or discover and live your life purpose, Yes You Really Can is the motivation and inspiration you need to guide you on your path to success.  It will help you:

> Discover what you really want 
> Listen to your spirit and
    get clarity for your life 
> Overcome
fears, doubts, and self-
     limiting beliefs 
Discover your authentic purpose 
> Stop dreaming and start living the life
    of your dreams
> Create a plan for your dreams

If you're having difficulty living your life purpose and you don't know how to take the guidance God has given you to make it a reality, Yes You Really Can will show you how to have the right attitude and skills for attaining the steps or goals you have been given. God gives us His will in steps, so we can't move forward unless we've accomplished the last step given. Don't spend your life on that first step. Let Carla help you move forward with God and stay on the right path. 

Carla's Blog

Review By Margaret Lukasik...

I loved everything about Carla Burrow's book, Yes You Really Can--even the beautiful cover!  It's truly centered upon God's Word and filled with much wisdom about seeking life purpose. Her instructions are written in a way that is easy to grasp for even new Christians. It contains journal pages and relevant exercises that can really make a difference for putting reality to one's dreams.

Carla is an excellent writer with an easy style for presenting her information. She also writes from the heart and her extensive experience of helping others attain their goals God's way. The book gives us the real Carla Burrows, a young woman with the same dreams and desires as anyone else, but she has the discipline to look to God's Word in order to use her talents and abilities for the Kingdom first rather than for financial gain, possessions and fame. She talks about these desires as causing disappointment in the hearts of many who are on the brink of giving up because they are measuring their life purpose with worldly virtues.

She shares this verse from Luke 12:15 which we should all confess everyday and live by: "A man's life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions."

Our true "life purpose" given us by God can never be measured by what we have or how many people know us. We need to be centered upon God first, and as we follow Him through Christ with all our might we will achieve great success and ability to do God's will through our careers, businesses and even part-time jobs. Carla's book will help you make the most of whatever type of work you're doing today, and as you commit it to God, He will promote you in due time to greater opportunities as we're told in 1 Peter 5:6.

Yes You Really Can is a wonderful guidebook that will fill you full of motivation and inspiration to carry you through the difficulties in your life, business or career. I highly recommend Carla's book to anyone seeking to achieve their life purpose goals.

About The Author...

Carla Burrows


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Carla Burrows is the author of  "YES YOU REALLY CAN Live the Life of Your Dreams", and the contributing author of  "The Women's Handbook for Self Confidence".

Carla enjoys encouraging others to exercise their faith, conquer their fears, and realign with the wisdom of their spirit. Her writing and speaking helps others to discover, pursue, and live thier god-inspired purpose.  

Carla has a certification in Personal Development Coaching from CAPP Institute, a positive psychology based training with life coach Valerie Burton and is a certified seminar trainer in Women's Issues. Carla also has a degree in Nursing.

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