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Many authors believe that if they get many reviews, especially on, that they don’t need any more exposure.  However, it takes other areas of promotion as well. Various advertising is also important on your own site and other sites that are relevant to your book theme. 

My Book and Author Advertising Program 

Eye catching ads will keep more visitors from leaving your pages by clicking on the “call to action” part of the ad that leads to your sales letters or blog pages for your books.  This can also mean more sales. These ads can work in a variety of ways, therefore, various ads are needed.  I’ve included each type of ad below that have worked for me since 1999 and other authors who have advertised on my site. 

Different ads may have a different effect on people depending upon the type of book you offer.  I’ll let you know in each ad description what genre is best. 


Advertising That Sells Books:

Text ads: These are simple ads relevantly placed within the writing of your blog posts or pages that include a link to your book sales page on your sites, affiliate links or wherever you wish to promote or sell.  

You can use these same ads as paid ads on the sites of other blog owners.  Another way to do this is by trading ads with other bloggers who have relevant sites or products as yours. I’ve had great success with this process and it’s free when you do it on your own site!  I use these ads for myself and for my book promotion clients when I do articles about their book’s theme that leads to their book.  

Banner Image Ads:  These ads are good for vertical or horizontal placement on the sidebar of your bog or for horizontal only placement on your pages. I’ve included such ads below.  They look like Google ads (see below), but they’re created to reflect your book, product or service with a link that leads to your book, sales page, landing page, a promotion page, etc.  See the banner ad examples throughout this page. 

Banner ads need to have a call to actions or some direction to encourage a person to click on the ad.  This is why I like rotating banners that get a person’s attention and keep it until they click on the “call to action.”  These ads have worked very well for me for the sale of books and products.  I use a combination of regular banner ads (no rotation) at right and rotating banner ads shown at lower right.





Rotating Ads That Stand Out and That Match Your book 

See the various styles at right. They can be adjusted to the size you need.  However you’ll need to state the shape you desire.

Example Of A Two-Slide Design 

Rotating Banner Ads Grab Attention and Provide “A Call To Take Action!

I create banner ads with either 2-slides or one slide.  The slide above has two messages, using 2 slides.  However the slides at right utilize one slide with one message.  If you wish to order, follow the guidelines below.


1: Choose Your Ad Size:  

Determine which size add you want on your website or blog from the following list of the best sizes for book promotion.  I will use a background that coordinates with your book. Make sure that your site can upload GIF image files.  Most sites do, so you shouldn’t have a problem.  The rectangle ads can be made smaller or larger to fit where you place it.  The skyscraper ads can be expanded as well.  You can email me with the type of ad you you want; square, rectangle or skyscraper.  

336 x 280 square   

120 x 600 skyscraper

160 x 600 skyscraper

520 x 245 Rectangle (shown below)  


Step No. 2: Choose Your Ad Type:  

Determine whether you want a “one-slide design” like the ads at right or a “two-slide design” as the one above which includes your book or books on the first slide with a call to action and a second slide which also promotes you.   


Step No. 3: Send Me Your Graphics:

Gather the photo of your book cover and any photos you wish to include in your ad and I’ll do the rest.  I’ll also create a logo book cover from the cover image you send me.  Please limit your photos to your book or books (limit 4), your bio photo and logo.  We want to keep the add easy to view. 

Either email me your graphics or tell me where they are located on the Internet so that I can download them. 


  • One Slide: $32.97
  • Two Slides: $42.97
  • No Rotation: $19.95  (see examples above)
If you have a need for an add that doesn’t fit my criteria, contact me.

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My Rotating Banner Ads…

As soon as I receive your images, I’ll begin working on your ad which should be completed in about 5 days or less.

  • I will send your banner by email in Gif format for the rotation. All you have to do is upload the graphic to your site.
Important Notice: Advertising that sells must be done with strategy. I don’t recommend placing rotating or non-rotating banner ads all over your site or blog. You don’t want to make your pages distracting. You’ll also make your pages slow to open when guests click on your site, which is not good. This is why I don’t go over the largest size I offer above.  However, a banner ad of your book that isn’t a pop up, but is placed strategically on your site in one or two places will be a pleasing way to get more interest for your book.  A great way to use it is on your sidebar or in random blog posts for a specific product.

Please contact me with questions you may have.

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