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Against Starlight


The New Book, Against Starlight Will Take You On A Poetic Journey From Darkness Into Light Through Christian Transformation

Read A collection of Christian inspiration poems that tell the story of the heart and life of Jesus.

We want you to come with us and experience these poems, which will move you into the light and away from the darkness. We want you to begin your journey from darkness into the Light. 


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Against Starlight – A Poetic Journey from Darkness Into Man  

By Anton Knox Elder

All around us are people who are sad, detached, hopeless, in pain, and broken – in a sense invisible. They struggle with pain and hurt on the inside, while looking fine on the outside. They suffer alone, while being bound in darkness and consumed by total hopelessness. But no one is invisible to Christ who chose to be tortured and crucified for our pain and sorrows. Christ wants all to have the freedom to choose His love and by accepting Jesus as the Son of God to be saved – to be transformed into a world of love and forgiveness.

Once transformed, we begin to grow and become stronger in our faith. Reading the Bible shows us what Jesus did for us when he died on the cross. We realize the ultimate sacrifice He made for our transgressions. Through constant prayer and worship we develop a deep relationship with Jesus and our eyes begin to open. We see the needs of those around us. We begin to see the many miracles in our own lives and realize that the world is full of miracles. To walk outside at night and see starlight, to breathe, to talk, to listen, and to love others fills us with joy, faith, and hope. It is then that we begin to see the invisible, those with sadness, and the hurt in others. It is then that we can reach out to those who suffer and express the love of Jesus that is within us.

Against Starlight author Anton Knox Elder

Anton Elder Knox Author of Against Starlight

About The Author

 Anton Knox Elder was born in Columbus, GA on September 21, 1949. He has one sister, three brothers, and two step-sisters. Knox married Susan Carol Price from Buchanan, GA in 1976 and they have two daughters, Susan Beth and Kattie Maurine.

   Knox graduated from the University of West Georgia in 1973 with a B.A. in Psychology and a Minor in Philosophy and went on to acquire a M.A. in Psychology in 1976. Soon after graduation Knox went to work as a Psychologist at Gracewood State School and Hospital in Augusta, GA and later transferred to Ogeechee M.R. Services in Waynesboro, GA. 

   In 1993 Knox was in a severe car accident, which produced short term memory loss and chronic pain. Knox and his family were devastated.

   Knox had written poetry fluently since the age of twelve and had a unique ability to deeply touch the heart of his readers. He was fascinated by the universe and everything in it. His love for nature, life, and the stars came out in his writing. However, for almost twenty years after the car accident Knox was unable to write and could only read for brief periods.

   Knox went through the different stages of denial along with being on an emotional roller coaster during his struggle to adjust to a new way of life. He had to deal with the loss of a dynamic career and a complete change of life style. On his journey back from darkness into the Light Knox developed a very real and personal relationship with Christ and through this relationship Knox began to receive healing. 

    Knox loved to read the Bible and spent hours each day talking to the Lord. Through prayer and endurance, suddenly poems began to flow again. Knox credits these poems entirely to God; in his words “God writes the poems and I merely put the words on paper.”

   After a few years and notebooks filled with many poems his wife, Susan went through them, gave them names and put them together in a book Against Starlight the name of Knox’s favorite poem. He gives credit to Susan for creation of this book and praises God for the gift of writing.

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