Article Video Robot Review

I've Been Using Article Video Robot To Make Amazing Videos For My Books!  See What This First Class Product Can Do and Please Read My Review Below  

How I love this product and now it's even better!

Recently a new program raved about by THOUSANDS of Internet marketers, website and blog owners just went 2.0. If you're in a hurry, check this out now:

Every once in a few years a product comes along and changes the lives of everyone who touches it and this is one of them.  Think about it: If you were suddenly able to convert articles to videos in seconds, and have them distributed to dozens of video sharing sites at the click of button, that would truly be awesome right? 

That's exactly what this program does. It's called Article Video Robot 2.0, and it's going to help you get your books known on a higher scale.  While your book trailers significantly highlight your books, regular videos highlighting specific sections of your book will get the attention from various audiences by using different keywords on multiple pages of your site or venues such as Utube.  

When you run Article Video Robot 2.0 this program, it does EVERYTHING for you, including... 

 - Convert articles to amazing videos instantly 

 - Distribute your videos to dozens of video sharing sites 

 - Generate a tsunami of traffic to your website 

 - Get your sales & profits skyrocketing Best part? 

No camera or video editing skills required. It's truly push button magic - Something you've got to see to believe. Get more information here:  Article Video Robot                  

Best Wishes! Margaret

Article Video Robot Review

By Margaret Lukasik

I've used the Article Video Robot before it was 2.0.  At the time I was busy so I only had a chance to create two videos.  It was a joy to use the program which I didn't have to download to my computer.  I just logged onto the site and right away began creating a video from articles I had written about my books.

I loved the process and was able to get astounding results!  Included are professional voices, however I used my own. They make it easy to record your voice.  All you need is a microphone.  Also available are tons of legal background sounds appropriate for many themes as well as text, background graphics that flow in and out of the text to give emphasis.  

When you're done, you've got a professional looking and sounding video that was created in just a few minutes.  I'll be creating new videos soon for three of my books below with the 2.0 upgrade and will share it here shortly so that you can see the quality.  

While it's true that free video software can be used to create nice looking videos, these are highly professional looking, easy to create and everything is at your touch.  They are a great tool for selling your books.

Another great feature is that I was able to use a 50% Article Video Robot discount code to make my videos and I can share it with my family and friends. If you're interested to see the site for making these professional quality videos, here's the link. Should you wish to use the site, here's the discount code: AVR2-MARGLUK.  

I highly recommend this product. Customer service is amazing and although the site is a membership site, it can be cancelled at any time. I join when I want to use it and then cancel because I don't make that many videos.

I'll be Using Article Video Robot To Make Videos For The Books Below Shortly!

Doing Business God's Way Bible Study

Christian Money Growth Series Home Study

Discover The Secret Key Of The Cross Bible Study

Christian Money Growth

Learn More...     

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