The Foundation of Godliness: A Godly Life By Happiers Simbo

A Godly Life
A Godly Life

The new Christian life book, The Foundation Of Godliness: A Godly Life is a small but powerful book that will help Christians realize the blessing of understanding, how to establish a relationship with Jesus Christ and how to walk a holy walk.

Christians need to take responsibility for living a Godly life and this is a book that offers such guidance.  Written by Happiers Simbo, it also gives guidance to spiritually comprehend the ultimate destination to which the divine walk leads to.

It is the author’s prayer that the spirit of wisdom and revelation will take control of anyone who reads his book so that they can understand that the sure and reliable company in the journey to eternal life is none other than Christ the Lord. It is also the author’s prayer that this book may find access to the spiritually bound in high and low places of the earth and impart true wisdom to many. By the grace of God that it may reach all corners of the world.


Book Information:

  • Genre:  Christian Living
  • Pages:  112 Paages
  • Publisher: New Generation Publishing
  • Publish Date:  January 28, 2015
  • Language:  English


 I’ll be reviewing The Foundation Of Godliness & A Godly Life shortly.  I’ll be making the announcement on my blog when it has been completed and posted.  The book is available for purchase today.  Go to