Abram Becomes Abraham Video Bible Story Part III

The last in the series video is now complete.

Abram Becomes Abraham
Abram Becomes Abraham

This last video in my Children’s Bible Study concerning God’s promise to Abraham is complete.  The title is Abram Becomes Abraham.  It’s now on YouTube but you can watch it from this page.  It teaches children that not only do they have a purpose in life, but they can always be right with God when they make mistakes.

In this short lesson, learning also extents to knowing that they can always go to God, ask for forgiveness and receive it. They can know by faith that they can fulfill God’s will successfully in their lives as they continue to grow.

The basic teaching beyond the video can be found on the page for Part I of the series titles Abraham Obeys God.  It  helps children understand that their life purpose is to obey their parents, do well in those things they are expected to do, such as go to school, Sunday school, etc.  Part I leads to Part II.

Abram Becomes Abraham From Genesis 16-17

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