Christian Book Promotion Services Presentation By Margaret Lukasik

Christian Book Promotion Services.

If you’re a Christian author, you’ll enjoy my short presentation that share some exciting information about how I can help you get your book better known on the Internet and throughout the world.

If you don’t know how to use a public Prezi, just follow a few simple instructions.  You can use the arrows at the bottom of the video to manually move forward from one slide to another or backwards.  You can also use the settings at the bottom lower right side of the screen for an easier viewing experience.  You can time the slides for 4, 10 or 20 seconds.  Once you click on the time setting that you desire, just relax and watch the presentation after you click on “Start Prezi.”  Use your mouse to increase the size or look for the + and – signs to increase or decrease the size of each page.

If you wish music, make sure it’s turned on and that your audio is also turned on.  If you wish to visit my Christian book promotion services go here.  To only visit my “Book Promotion and Review Service,” only, go here!


Christian Book Promotion Services Prezi Presentation By Margaret Lukasik

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