Quest For Light – Adventure Of The Magi, Christian Fiction by Byron Anderson

Christian fiction by Byron Anderson
Christian fiction by Byron Anderson

I’m excited about the award winning Christian fiction by Byron Anderson.  Not only has Byron written the action and adventure novel, Quest For Light – Adventure Of The Magi, but he’s also written a screenplay that has won numerous awards.  I’ve checked into some of the awards to learn more about this fascinating area of writing and they are very promising sources of possible production, such as the Kairos Award which he has won for spiritually uplifting screenplays.

This is a great book for all ages, including young people!  It’s Biblically and historically correct.  You can check it out as you read the book and increase your knowledge of Biblical facts, people and the history of that time.  There’s much to gain from this book, but most important for a fiction novel, it really entertains!

This is also a great source of reading for young people for purposes of keeping them safe from bad language or other information that is in poor taste or that will threaten their values.  There is no need to be concerned about the content of the book not being a good or clean source of reading for your teenagers.


Christian Fiction by Byron Anderson Becomes As Real Life

The story is exciting to say the least.  Byron has excellent writing skills, which makes this unique adventure story a delight.  Poor writing would kill a story with so much action, but with the author’s natural talent, the journey of the Magi to see the new born king comes alive in a way that’s holds the reader’s attention from one page to the next!

If you would like to learn more about the story or read my review which will be available shortly, please visit the author’s Review Page.  He also has a Promotion Page which lists more information about his book and screenplay.  You may also wish to visit his Blog.


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