What Does The New Christian Growth Book, “One New Dudette” Have To Offer That Other Christian Growth Books Do Not?

Christian Growth BookJeff Zahorsky’s unique approach to Christian growth is more than inspiring, it’s brilliant!  Suited for young  and older women alike, it teaches the importance of discovering one’s identity in Christ.  Without this foundation it’s not possible to move forward with God to develop a deep relationship with Him.

One of the elements in life that keeps us from God is the stubbornness to make the changes we need to meet God through His Word.  Most Christians work at getting God to come down to their level, trying to force Him to accept a relationship based upon  human standards.

“One New Dudette” lays it all out on the line for Christian women to become like Christ by trusting in God and living according to scripture.  CHANGE is a must to grow with God but Christians aren’t always willing.  Jeff shows his readers how to give themselves permission to make the changes needed.  Then He takes them on a great journey through God’s Word to inform, instruct and educate their minds with God’s truth.

In this journey with God one finds that there is no end of the road with God.  The path to inner growth and God’s best never ends, so Jeff leads Christians on this continuous journey that promises a life of transformation through Jesus Christ.  It’s with Christ that we come to learn who we really are and what we can do.

So what happens if you’re not convinced that it’s important to allow God to work in your life for change?  Well, all I can do is encourage you to go ahead and take the challenge!   Jeff Zahorsky gives you 7 solid reasons why you should change your mind and your life by discovering your true identity when you trust what God says.  You have nothing to lose and a lifetime of great blessings and fulfillment to gain.

Learn how to take your place in the Body of Christ today by becoming a women who identifies with Christ.  Get the new Christian Growth Book, One New Dudette and become renewed through the Word of God!


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