Against Starlight, A Book Of Christian Inspiration Poems By Anton Knox Elder

Christian Inspiration Poems
Christian Inspiration Poems

I’m thankful to share a new collection of Christian inspiration poems titled “Against Starlight” by Anton Knox Elder.  They were written during times spent with the Lord a number of years after a severe car accident he had in 1993 which produced short term memory loss and chronic pain.

For almost twenty years after the car accident he was unable to write and could only read for brief periods. However, through prayer, endurance and healing, Anton’s ability to write poems as he had once done since a child, began to flow.

It was because of his loving wife Susan, who realized his great gift of writing poetry, that “Against Starlight” was published.  After a few years and notebooks filled with many poems she went through them, giving them names and putting them together into a book so that others would be blessed with his work.  I believe this says much for their relationship and the amazing team they were to create this beautiful book that is written to express the heart and life of Jesus.

Anton spent much time with the Lord as he was healing and adjusting to a different way of life, and over time, it brought him to a place of great love and compassion for the pain of those who remain isolated without God’s love.  The poems in “Against Starlight” reflect God’s love for those in pain and the brokenhearted who live in darkness.  It is Anton’s desire to share the light of Jesus Christ with the world to bring healing, joy, faith and hope.


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