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Mary's Christmas Story
Mary’s Christmas Story
I’ve completed reading Part III of the “Women Who Met Jesus Series” and it’s just as wonderful as Part I and Part II.  Part III is titled, Mary’s Christmas Story written by the author of the series, Lucinda Weeks.  It’s a perfect book for the holidays, but it has year-round appeal that makes it a great read no matter what season you’re in.

I really enjoyed this story and loved reading about what Jesus Christ may have been like as a young boy and teenager.  The story is written from the point-of-view of Mary from just before the time she conceived the Baby Jesus to Jesus as a young man.  Lucinda’s story opens the mind to what Mary had to experience as the only woman to conceive as a virgin and how that caused her pain, grief and many times much joy.  To read my review, go here.

I’ve also included a video that shares all three volumes and what Lucinda has in store for her readers.   Enjoy!


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