The Serpent Beguiled Eve Is A True Story About Lies, Deceit and Adultery

About Lies, Deceit and Adultery
Lies, Deceit and Adultery

Christian author, Acacia Slaton has written a memoir about her marriage to a man who deceived her by using their marriage as a cover for his secret life of homosexuality.  It’s titled “The Serpent Beguiled Eve.”
Had Acacia known the truth about her husband before they were married, she certainly would have chosen a life that would have fulfilled her dreams of love and a Christian marriage.  But she didn’t learn the truth for some time into their marriage.
I created a short video to share some of the invaluable information and wisdom she gives her readers and the story about her life that she hopes to help others avoid.
Acacia is a warm and caring young woman who loves God and looked upon her ordeal as a means to grow in Christ, rather than feeling sorry for herself and her children.  During her marriage she had two daughters who were negatively affected as well, but Acacia put them first by making sure they knew they were loved, no matter how much pain she was feeling at the time.  Her story offers many lessons, and being a great mom in Christ is one of them.
Watch my video for a short glimpse of Acacia’s latest book.  I encourage you to get her book now and begin reading about this courageous young woman who has learned to look to God for guidance in all things.


The Serpent Beguiled Eve Video


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