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EASY SKETCH PRO VIDEO SOFTWARE Creates Powerful Hand-drawn Videos!
This is a software that will help you promote your book by a unique means that will grab your audience’s attention and make them keep watching to see what happens next. It makes your book or product vastly interesting with just a short presentation. Easy Sketch Pro is simple to use and you can create a promotional video within a half hour. You can also use the software for greeting card messages and announcements to send to your clients or fans. It’s also great just for personal enjoyment and family fun!

Today there is so much competition that authors need to step up to the challenge and create a signature for their books and products. It’s not enough to pay thousands of dollars the way many authors do to become a number one best seller. In the end, you’re still left on your own to continue promotion of your book. If you don’t have your own system in play, your book will never move past the that one big launch!

There is a quick way to get attention for your book, your specials and new book announcements that will showcase your written message and achievements in a unique way that will grab attention. Writers are creative people who strive for perfection, and with this software they can achieve it in just a short time. Quickly create promotion videos that look as if you spent the high prices companies are paying today for a good marketing video. Creator Paul Lynch had a goal to make the best sketch video software on the market and he is achieving that dream. To watch Paul show you how to use the software click on any of the many links on this page.


The software is extremely easy to use and it doesn’t need any other software or programs to create amazing videos. it publishes in mp4 format. It offers lots of great effects.

Record your voice right onto your video to enhance them or to share a message. It’s easy to do and it’s built into the software. Use the preview feature before publishing.

Included are 11 mp3 files built right into the software with room to add your own. It’s all royalty free to use and is easily added to the videos.

Provided with the software are lots of great graphics that you can use to make fun and exciting graphics! The graphics are located within the software.


Watch this short video that I created for one of my clients. This video is an announcement video of the author’s special book offer. I placed this within his main video that I created as a review of his book. It’s a great way to get attention for your book or product and there are many effects that can be utilized to get attention for your book. It has certainly helped my client’s books as well as my own.

Every author should have this amazing promotion tool. It’s easy, inexpensive and you should not be without it!

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There is no limit to what you can do with this software. You can also create video greeting cards or invitation for friends, family and clients. I created this example in about a half hour with the extra graphics Paul shares on a regular basis.

There are endless possibilities such as creating videos for clients who are looking for this popular method of creating videos. It’s also great for creating cartoon ads as well. Companies are hiring for this type of video and are willing to pay whatever it costs. Keep it serious or make it fun, but either way let the software help you tell a story that will keep viewers interested to keep watching.


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