Five Ways To Increase Your Site Rankings without More Content

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Increase Your Site Rankings
Increase Your Site Rankings.

I can’t say enough how important it to leverage content marketing for getting increased targeted traffic.  Each month I create a new site map and submit it to the search engines and in a few days to a week, I have increased traffic.  Each month I create at least thirty new pages, so I want to get traffic from them as soon as possible.  However, what do people do when they’re too busy to write content for their websites or blogs?

Data and my experience shows that publishing high quality content gets the traffic needed but I will share five ways to increase your site rankings and search traffic without adding content if you’re busy writing your book or don’t have the extra time currently.

Increase Your Site Rankings Strategy #1: Top 100 link building  

Did you know that there are 100 ideal links you should obtain if you want to rank for a specific keyword? Google actually shows you the URLs of these top 100 links.  How do you find them? All you have to do is google the keyword you are trying to rank for.  For example, if you are trying to rank for “Christian Fiction Books”.

The first 100 web pages are what Google considers to be the most relevant for the term “Christian Fiction Books.” If you happened to get a link from one of these web pages, this will increase your site rankings.  Many of those web pages will be competing sites, but you’ll find that many of them are not once you start going to page 4, 5 or even 6 in the search results.

Once you’ve made a list of all of the web pages you want to gain a link from, you’ll want to send them an email asking them to link to your site.  Here’s an example:

Subject:  [Use their first name] Stating This Is A Link Request – 2 Reasons Why It Is Beneficial  

State that you want a link from them with your two reasons why it will benefit them. 
You can write a more engaging request like the following:
I noticed that you linked to [insert competitor #1] and [insert competitor #2] on this page: [insert the URL of the page that ranks for the term you are going after]. I have this website [insert your website URL], and I wanted to see if you wanted to include it. Here are 2 reasons why your readers would love it: 

1. Insert benefit #1
2. Insert benefit #2 

I could give more reasons why you should include us, but if you’re interested and need more information, let me know. We can set up a time to chat when you’re free and I’ll share more about my site with you.
Sincerely, [insert your name]

You won’t get every site you email to link back to you, but you can expect a 10% link ratio. In other words, for every 100 emails you send out, 10 of those sites will link back. And after you’ve gone through the first 100 results, you should go through the top 1,000 results. Using this tactic, you can even rank on page one for many terms.


Increase Your Site Rankings Strategy #2: Cross-link your pages to help them get crawled more.
Use cross-linking on your pages correctly. Most people cross-link their pages like this:

Increase Your Site Rankings.
Increase Your Site Rankings.

As you can see from the image at left, the page at the top links to a handful of other pages, and then those pages link to more pages. Typically, that page at the top is your homepage, and the pages below are internal pages.
There are a few things wrong with this model:
1. The internal pages aren’t linking to each other.
2. The links are within navigation bars instead of within content.
3. Link juice isn’t flowing evenly throughout the whole site.

You can solve this by cross-linking your pages using a model that looks like this:

Increase Your Site Rankings.
Increase Your Site Rankings.

• Many of the pages are linked to each other, which helps with indexing.
• You can link the pages together by using in-content links.
• You are focusing your link efforts to build authority to internal pages, which makes it possible to rank for more long tail terms.
Look through my site and you’ll see where I link my pages together within sections and sometimes out of the sections as “Relevant links” with a list of pages that may be interesting as well.  I haven’t completed it yet, but for two or three of my sections (navigation keyword and sub-pages under it) I place all the page links for that section together on the sidebar.  I place more relevant links at the bottom center of the page. I even do this with my blog to make it easy for visitors to find pages.


Increase Your Site Rankings Strategy #3: Build up your social media profiles.

Whether you believe social media affects search rankings or not, it is still a good source of traffic. And the more traffic you get, the higher the chance that someone will link back to your site, which will help increase your rankings.
Here are some quick tips to get the most out of your social profiles for each major social network: 

• The peak retweeting hours are 9 am, 12 pm, 3 pm and 6 pm, so consider tweeting then.
• Because there is an 86% retweet rate for tweets that contain links, don’t forget to add links to your updates.
• If you want to engage with your users, consider asking questions and tweeting quotes.
• If you are going to post on Facebook, consider posting on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays or Sundays as those are the peak days.
• The most shareable words in a status update are: Facebook, why, most, world, how, health, bill, big, says, and best. So, consider using those words within your updates.
• 35% of Facebook users said they would “like” a page if there was a contest to participate in. So, start running them.
• Make sure you set up authorship so your image shows up in search listings.
• Images receive 94% more +1s, and videos receive 28% more +1s than text-based updates, so share images and videos more often than text-only posts.
• Consider posting on Fridays between 11 am and 2 pm to get the most engagement.


Increase Your Site Rankings Strategy #4: Get some press to get links from authority sites for better ranking.

How do you get press? A simple way is to pay a PR agency like PR Serve, who has a performance-based pay model, allowing you to pay it only when it gets you press. A cheaper way to get press is to build relationships with reporters. By continually helping them out with their stories and giving them feedback, you will increase your chances of them eventually being interested in covering your business. I don’t do this, but this could be something you might enjoy doing. Especially if you have a church or business.


Increase Your Site Rankings Strategy #5: Increase your click-through rate.

Google tracks the number of people clicking through to your website from search listings. It also estimates whether the click-through percentage is high or low compared to your rank. The reason it does this is to determine how relevant your website is to that specific search query.  In addition to tracking the click-through rate, it also looks at whether people are hitting the back button a lot. If people land on your site from Google and then hit the back button, it means they didn’t find what they were looking for.  And if this happens a lot, it’s a good indicator your website isn’t relevant to that specific search query.
So you need to maximize your click-through rate and decrease the number of people clicking the back button by making sure your pages are relevant to the search queries they rank for.  You do this by the keywords you choose in your meta tags and use throughout your page content. When you use the wrong keywords, they will attract people who are not going to be interested in your information. Make all keywords relevant to your site and page themes. And keep your page themes close to your site theme.

There are many things you can do to boost your rankings and while you won’t be able to leverage every strategy you should focus on what can work best for you.


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