The Inspirational Christian Memoir, “The Serpent Beguiled Eve” By Acacia Slaton Site Book Addition Announcement

Inspirational Christian Memoir
Inspirational Christian Memoir

I’m so impressed with Acacia Slaton’s new Book, The Serpent Beguiled Eve!  It’s a book of great courage mixed with Christian teaching that if followed, will alter the course of one’s life to follow God rather than personal pursuits for the most fulfilling life.

I had reviewed her first book, Launch Out Into The Deep a few years ago and found it to be greatly inspiring as well.  Acacia uses her life to teach and both books are filled with honesty about her mistakes and true life experiences that provides a means of sharing the Word as she has learned it to grow in Christ.

I find it difficult to read information and study books written by Christians who share information they’ve studied but give no real proof they’ve actually lived what they share.  This is one of the ways Acacia earns her reader’s trust; she proves with her life that God’s Word works when applied through a life commitment, and it doesn’t when we live according to our own desires.

We’re all guilty of putting what we want first and Acacia paints a clear picture of the suffering that can occur when we don’t follow God’s plan for our lives.  In her new inspirational Christian memoir, The Serpent Beguiled Eve, she allows the reader to look into her life at a time which may have been the most difficult.   Throughout, she shares her love for God and the scriptures by using the Word for more clarity.  She also helps the reader understand how to hear God’s guidance and follow it based upon what she had to learn the hard way.

Make no mistake, Acacia needed courage to write this book which deals with a difficult subject and the faith it took to overcome it through God’s forgiveness and grace to begin again with Him.   This is a book you won’t soon forget!  Go to Acacia’s Information Page to learn more about her other books and to watch her television interview.

Get a glimpse by watching Acacia’s book trailer.