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If you’re thinking about beginning a blog or website to promote your life purpose theme and create an audience, here’s an action step that will help you not only become known as an expert in your theme, but it will bring you the kind of traffic that will be interested in what you do.

Kindle books has become a great means of getting known in one’s field of work or specific theme.  You may have already developed your blog theme or you’re in the process, but Kindle books can help you get more targeted traffic to make your site grow and become a means of helping others while you continue to increase your online income.

However, there’s a method to using Kindle books that most self-publishers aren’t taking advantage of in order to get the most benefit from publishing.  If you love to write, using this method will be a labor of love,  If you’re unfamiliar with writing, this will be a great exercise that will stretch you ability to write great books because the more you write, the better you’ll get.

Now before I go any further, I just want to clear up the fact that Kindle publishing can be very difficult because of the specified formatting and cover dimensions, but rest assured I’ve got that covered.  I’ll get into that information shortly when I introduce the KD Publishing Software Pro that I’ve been using to easily publish Kindle Books.


The Kindle Snowball Effect With The KD Publishing Pro Software

Things have progressed on the Internet for getting traffic.  In the past new website or blog owners were told to start a website, write lots of pages and then do whatever was necessary to let the Internet world know they exist.  However, with so many blogs and websites, one needs to go a little deeper into the art of becoming an expert and earning the credibility needed to get a growing visitor base that includes repeat visits.

Kindle publishing alone is not going to create a huge income from giant book sells.  The truth is that you will only get a small amount of money for each book.  Only one or two books is not going to get you the traffic you need.  However writing multiple books will.  If you work at writing a new book each month, you will build credibility and get well-known for your expertise.  The traffic you need is already at Amazon.com, all you need to do is establish a reputation in your area of interest that is a part of your life purpose and you will never run out of material to write that people will want to read.

You can substantially reduce the time it takes to do this with the KD Publishing Pro software.  It actually does all the difficult formatting for you.  I’ve heard so many complaints that when an author’s book was submitted it wasn’t formatted correctly and it looked really bad.  This is not going to help with repeat book sells.  This is why KD Publishing Pro can help catapult your Kindle book publishing into a means of getting well-known for writing professional books.  You will also make a greater volume of book sales from your site as well.   This is because you can put links in your kindle books to enhance your ability to get more traffic to your website from the Kindle books you sell.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing software, just click on the link below.  I use it and love it. Let me know how it works for you.  I’d love to hear from you.



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