Are You Living God’s Word Daily To Assure Your Salvation In Christ?

The Gospel of IF by Edward Mrkvicka
Are You Living God’s Word Daily?

I’ve just completed my book review of Edward Mrkvicka’s new book, The Gospel of “IF.”  The book is written to make Christians think about whether they are living God’s Word daily rather than living a life void of scripture.  As Edward states, there is no excuse for not engaging in daily personal Bible studies and reading the Word voraciously in order to secure salvation.

Edward believes that not as many people who believe they are going to heaven will and he wants to help increase the numbers.  I took the challenge by reading his book and I urge you to do the same.  The gospel of “IF” will teach you how to follow God’s scriptures of obedience in order to receive all the blessings promised in the Word.

No matter how you might feel about Edward’s message, following it will open the door to living your salvation and to having a deeper relationship with God.  You’ll also learn so much about the information he shares.   However, one thing is true, as you go deeper into the Word and live it, no one will be able to tell you that you are not going to heaven as you learn to follow the Gospel of “IF”.

Please read my book review of this new book that will challenge you to make the commitment for living God’s word daily to the fullest.

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