Announcing My Kindle Bookstore For Life Purpose Books

My Kindle Book StoreI’ve been planning to include a comprehensive book store on my site and now after a month, I finally got it up and running!  I realize that many people are using Kindle these days.  Frankly I read Kindle books on my computer, but all the young people I know have “The Kindle” device that has made reading on the go easy and convenient.

Because Kindle owners use their devices frequently, I realized that I needed to regard the Kindle and Kindle books beyond my own normal use.  From what I learned, most of the Kindle readers are in a younger age group than myself from ages 21 to the early thirties, implying that because of my age, I’m somewhat stuck in the past with hardbound and paperback books and the PDF downloads.  There’s nothing wrong with that, but I realized that I had better make my bookstore more versatile–and I have!

My Kindle Bookstore features over 12,000 of the most popular books in Kindle and also hardbound and paperback where appropriate.  It’s fun and easy to use and it features a page of category links that makes it easy to find the books you’re looking for.  When you have an interest in a book, just click on it and you’ll be taken to a specific page that will give you a description of the book and other great information.  You’ll find reviews, similar books,  get special offers, place the book on your wish list and more.

The information listed is not written by me.  It comes straight from the book site.  This means that all reviews and information comes from a collective reader experience.  So all areas of popularity within my Kindle Bookstore are based upon thousands and thousands of readers, not just a few persons.

If you like a specific book and you’re interested in purchasing it, all you have to do is click on it’s page.  Then click the link for Kindle, hardback or paperback (if available) and you’ll be taken to to order.   It’s that simple and easy.

Because I’m a Christian oriented and family site, I have eliminated offensive categories and books.  However, because of the amount of books listed, I may have missed some titles or images that might be distasteful.  However, I’m working at keeping the site free of objectionable titles.

For life purpose categories, center you searches in the areas of Christian Bibles and Books,  Personal Growth, Religious, Family, Technical, Education, Self-help and other such categories.  I hope that you’ll visit my Kindle Bookstore often to view the changes.  I also have specific sections for the best Gift Ideas, Most Wished For, Best Sellers, and a section of books that I have read and reviewed on my sites.  I haven’t got all the books listed yet, but they’re great books and I highly recommend them by placing them on this particular list.


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