“Veronica: Woman With The Issue Of Blood” Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

Veronica-The Woman With The Issue Of Blood-2I’ve just completed reading the new Christian Fiction novel, “Veronica: The Woman With The Issue Of Blood,” by Lucinda Weeks and it’s truly an amazing story.  I loved The Adulteress which is Volume I of her novel series, The Women Who Met Jesus, and find this book, which is Volume II of the series, to be another story of great depth and excitement.

The novel centers upon the “woman with the issue of blood” who was healed by Jesus.  Lucinda created a story about what may have led to this desperate woman’s need to be healed.   I loved how the story takes the reader out of the present and into the past, following Jesus throughout His ministry and simultaneously following the story about the main character, Veronica, describing her life up to and beyond her moment of healing.

This captivating story offers much historical detail from New Testament times.   Lucinda beautifully blends her story with true stories from the time of Jesus’ youth to His Crucifixion.  Go here to read my review about it!  The story is so realistic you’ll forget where you are at the moment and see yourself back in time following Jesus from city to city while he heals those who have the faith to believe he can take sickness and disease from them.

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