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Prezi Presentation ReviewI’m always looking for ideas for book promotion. I ran into a great presentation site that helps you make fun presentations. I did one for my book promotion to test it and it was great fun! I’m going to start using it for my books as well. Users claim that it has increased their sales for products so I thought this could work great for books. My presentation is brand new and I haven’t promoted it yet, but I’ll let you know. In the meantime, you may wish to create one of your own.

It’s completely free! It can be upgraded, but I’m not going to make any money from sales, so I’m not advertising, I’m sharing this as a great idea. However, the software is easy to use and the functionality is great with only a few drawbacks which I will get into later.

If you want to see how it works, you can check out my Prezi. It’s not a video, but I’m going to turn it into one as soon as I learn how and I will then share it here. Currently it runs as a slide. However it can be set to run automatically. I include information on how to use it below.

Here is where you can create your own Prizi:  See below for my Prezi Presentation.


Prezi Presentation Review Pros:

  • It’s free unless you wish to upgrade.  Until you upgrade, your presentation is shared with others which can get it more attention.
  • It’s fun, easy to use and has the potential to actually do a good job promoting your books if done correctly. I think it has the potential to get more sales.
  • There are many available templates to use like the one I found below.
  • Music and voice overs can be easily uploaded to the project.
  • It can be turned into a video

Prezi Presentation Review Cons:

  • If you don’t upgrade, others can use your idea.
  • It’s a slide presentation and the viewer must be more involved with the mechanics of watching it than a video.
  • It’s takes some work to turn it into a YouTube video.
  • It’s difficult to create hidden links to a specific page, but I will look into this.

All in all I loved the product!  It was a different way to promote my service and I think it actually has some benefit in it’s presentation over videos.  By this I mean that it engages the reader to interact with the presentation so that they will pay more attention and actually play it over and over again because it’s so much fun!

Will I use it again?  Yes, most definitely! Use my Prezi below to navigate with the controls to learn how to use it. The lower right hand corner has a setting for timing the presentation in 4, 10, and 20 seconds. The music must be turned on and your audio as well to hear the sound. Or just use the links at the bottom center of the prezi to navigate manually backward and forward.



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