Romantic Suspense Novel Hush Little Baby Review

Book Preview Of Hush Little Baby
Romantic Suspense Novel Hush Little Baby Review

I’ve just completed my review for the Romantic Suspense Novel Hush Little Baby by author Deborah Piccurelli.  It’s my favorite type of novel, however, it still had to prove itself. I began by reading a few pages at a time, but it was so captivating, I had to devote a day for completing the story all at once!

The author is very professional in her writing skills.  She put much depth into her characters and knows how to keep a story moving with much suspense and motivation to find out what is happening next.   I highly recommend Hush Little Baby to all novel readers, especially those who love romantic stories with an air of mystery.

The story is clear right from the beginning and continues to grow with intrigue.   However, this is also a love story that is beautifully woven into the journey of the main character, Amber Blake, whose Christian values heavily weigh upon her when she undertakes a counselor job at an abortion clinic in order to uncover the murderer of her twin sister.  She died in the process of getting an abortion in that very clinic by the same doctor who hired Amber.  Amber prays for help and guidance, but she is in so much danger that she no sooner solves one problem when another threatens her well-being and eventually her life.

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