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Scripture ResourcesOne of the main reasons Christians don’t receive from God, are depressed or don’t find success in life is because they don’t know the scriptures.  The Bible says that His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge of the Word.  If you don’t take time for God’s Word, then you will never live your life purpose!  This article shares resources for specific scripture that will help you become knowledgeable in God’s Word.


Hosea 4:6  (KJV)

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (the Word): because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.

It’s important to do battle with whatever comes against you with God’s Word!  God will never forsake you when your center your life upon Him and give His Word first place in your life.   This is because you will be operating in life according to God’s principles.   God can reach you when you’re abiding with Him and He is abiding in you.  But if you’re living life according to worldly standards, God cannot abide in you therefore He cannot help you.  His hand will be tied spiritually speaking to reach out to you and hold onto you while He turns around negative circumstances that come to everyone.

If you’re new to the Word or a new Christian you need assistance for finding scripture that will give you encouragement, faith and healing over problems while you’re learning the Word.   I’ve got a few sources that will help you, so if you’re ready to live a productive, joyful and peaceful life, you need to work at it with God and With God’s help.


Great Scripture Resource:

    1. I purchased a book from titled “With God All Things Are Possible” after the Bible verse.  My daughter told me about it and I had to have it.  It’s a small investment for such a great book. It can be purchased used for $.99 ($3.99 P/H). It lists just about every problem a person can experience. For each problem it has a discussion about why God will heal you of it or help you to overcome it. It has scripture for meditation and a specific prayer. Here’s the link: With God All Things Are Possible: A Handbook of Life


To look up verses, go on the Internet and use the Google Search Engine Tool.  I have one on most all of my website pages.  Look up the verse you need by entering the keyword for your problem.  For instance, If you’re depressed, look up “Scripture For depression.” The Google Search Engine will pull up all the best website sources for the specific scripture you need.

There’s no reason or excuse as to why you shouldn’t be a winner in life.  God has provided an answer for anything you could want or need in life or for any problem you may have.   Work with God as His partner and He will lead you to great heights as you seek His will for your life purpose.  It won’t happen all at once, but it begins with a commitment to God’s Word.  The Scripture resources included on this page will lead you to the spiritual medicine you need to live in victory.


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