How Can The World Around You See Jesus If You Don’t Share The Light Of Your Life Purpose?

Share The Light Of Your Life PurposeThis lesson is vital for learning how to share the light of your life purpose. God didn’t bless you with a special purpose to use it for yourself only. Living our life purpose means taking your place in the Body of Christ. We are all a part of the Body of Christ, but most Christians haven’t yet lived up to their place or function in the Body because they’re not sure of who they are in Christ.

You can know if you’re living God’s will because when you are, you’re taking God’s lead and are following Him. However, I’ve noticed that some, not most Christians living the dream God has given them can be a “poor living testimony” for Christ. The light of Christ isn’t always shining in their lives for others because they’ve taken their call too seriously and have become “too important” to live the fullness of God’s Word, even though they preach that others should live it! They seem to live by the double standard that others must follow God’s Word but not them because God gave them a special purpose. Well, no one member in the Body of Christ is better than another. We’ve all been given a special purpose, so we’re all important to God and special, but we’re all expected to live by God’s Word.

The saddest part about this truth is that I’ve seen this more in the lives of some church leaders and evangelists that I’ve dealt with in business or have observed through my church going experience. I’m not a part of the ministry within a church. I’m a layperson who has gone to ministry school and has studied the Bible for accurate teachings through my Internet ministry, but my greatest credibility lies in the fact that I’ve implemented God’s Word into my life for over thirty years now and I use it to continue to grow. I’m not perfect, but I do understand general and basic Christian principles of behavior and the responsibility Christians have for acting upon them. So I am able to recognize behaviors that don’t coincide with Biblical standards.


You Must Always Share The Light Of Your life Purpose Through God’s Word

You must continually share the light of your life purpose through God’s Word whether you’ve walked a long stretch of your life with God or you’ve just taken that first step with Him. The purpose of your life purpose is to help spread the Gospel in one form or another. If you don’t walk in God’s love for others, many who may have been won to Christ may never be saved because of actions that are harmful and leave a bad impression. You are expected to live by a high standard with a responsibility to display Christ in the way you live personally and in business. You need to treat people they way Christ did when He walked the earth. This doesn’t mean that we’re to let people abuse us or steal from us, but we’re to uphold the Word.


Let me give you some examples of what I’m speaking about so that you can avoid these “wrong” attitudes that can turn people in the world away from Christ.

In my dealings with some Christians who hold positions as Christian church leaders, they fell very short of God’s principles for honesty and integrity. Some have written beautiful books or have preached on the subject of living God’s Word and how to do it, yet they break many of the most important principles of “walking in the God kind of love” by lying, plotting ways to cheat, taking advantage of verbal agreements, going against written agreements or contracts, and then demanding their right to achieve what they want done at the loss of those they made promises and signed contracts with for business dealings.

Their justification is always the same. They feel entitled to act outside the Bible because they are servants of God and are working hard to “win souls.” When you think about the irony that holds, it’s easy to understand why many people look at Christians as hypocrites. It was shocking to me the many times I was lied to, deceived to get my services for free, and treated like a lowly servant that had nothing better than their bidding because “they are too busy” to do their own mundane chores as they go about God’s Work. We’ll I’m going about God’s work to and even if I weren’t, I didn’t do anything to deserve the treatment I received–and neither do other innocent people they try to cheat and take advantage of in the name of Jesus.

Sadly I’ve had to be distrustful with such people. One such person who had lied to me in the past recently contacted me. She wanted me to be her webmaster because she is “too busy to maintain her site.” She said she would pay me and I knew what that meant. She would pay for the first month and then give me excuses that she is having a problem with her credit card, then trouble with her bank. Then she has mission trips to take and can’t afford to pay me, but she’ll get me referrals so that I can get paid that way, not caring that I’ll be working twice as hard because she doesn’t feel she has to pay for services rendered. And the referrals she gives are Christians just like her–they work hard to get what they want from others for free with lies and deceit. They have plenty of money. They live in nice houses, wear expensive clothes and some even own their own businesses, but they’re greedy and don’t possess the faith to trust God as they should.

I knew this woman didn’t intend to pay me so I said that I would work for her if she paid me at the beginning of each month. If she missed a payment then I wouldn’t do the work for that month. I never heard from her again. She tried once again to obtain my services without paying for them. And this is just one example. I don’t have time to share everything. At present I mainly focus upon my writing and teaching which has mostly eliminated the problem of having to be on guard with Christians trying to cheat me, but there are still other unsuspecting people who will become their victims.

Christians you must share the light of your life purpose with the world! When you take your place or function in the Body of Christ you’re more responsible to uphold Biblical ethics than new Christians or confused Christians who live on the fence by going to church on Sundays, but are living the rest of the week on their own without God’s guidance. Once you receive the light of God’s Word and His guidance and begin to walk in it, you must continue God’s way and not your own!

When you try to cheat other people out of their products, services, time or money for their own gain, you’re telling the world that you’re of the world, not of Christ. You’re also giving the message the God doesn’t take care of His children and that Christians have nothing more to offer than all the other dishonest people in the world. You’re also telling the world that you don’t have faith or trust in God to receive money without cheating people. You show the world that although you may claim to be a spiritual leader, you’re not worth respecting as a man or woman of God, or even as a person in general.

You cannot share the light of your life purpose when you manipulate others to get what you want by lying and using fear tactics, your job position or worse ministry position to keep people under you and make them do your bidding. You’re acting out evil which is the opposite of God’s Word. You’re promoting the “devil” and not Christ.

I grew up with relatives who sat piously as elders at the front of the church every Sunday. But during the week, they cheated people in business, took advantage of helpless people and family members . One such relative believed that molestation and rape were okay for him because he was a spiritual leader and an important business man in the community. What’s worse, no one in the family cared. They just said to “shut-up about it and let it go” because this person had great wealth and a great reputation in the community. By complaining we were called “trouble-makers” and “bad Christians” so we just kept quiet, feeling as if we were the one’s who were wrong.

You cannot share the light of your life purpose when you treat people less than how you want to be treated. You must treat people as God’s beloved. You must promote them, not try to out-do them or make them look badly. You cannot maneuver to take the position of someone else, steal church members for your own ministry, or be happy when you see someone you dislike lose what you would like to have. Jealousy is not of God, so wishing bad upon others is against His will. We must love everyone through Christ and desire the best for them.

When others bring harm upon us we are not obliged to be with them or let them harm us further, but we must love them as God loves us. Christ gave His life for you and me, even when we were at our worse, so we must love as He loves us.


 How To Share The Light Of Your Life Purpose In Prayer

I pray for those who have cheated and harmed me and have asked God to send laborers to them for assistance in learning how to live the fullness of God’s Word. I pray for the unsaved to receive salvation. You can do this too. You forgive the people that have harmed you or have tried to harm you and then pray for them. You don’t have to be around them or do business with them because you really shouldn’t trust them. But you do need to forgive them. You don’t want to let the wrong doings of others keep the light of your life purpose dim because of anger or bitterness.

So in conclusion, as you live your life purpose, keep God’s Word at the center of whatever you do. Treat people in a way that will always leave a good impression for God. And when you are wronged, always forgive and pray for their salvation.

Copyright (c) 2012. Margaret Lukasik


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