Why Subscriber Lists Are Important To Your Book’s Success


Subscriber Lists
Subscriber Lists

To start you out as a new self-published author the right way, I wanted to share the first step to building your own audience, even if you have others promoting your book. You do need the help of authors from high profile sites to review and promote your book, but their work can actually help you build a strong audience on your own site. This is what successful self-published authors do.

To give you valid information I want you to know that I use every product I mention so that I can attest to it’s true value and use. For instance, today I will talk about developing a subscriber list and touch on autoresponders that are vital to your success. I have also sent this information to you as a subscriber via a FREE autoresponder. So I will show you how to get your list started free in the next email. Here I will speak on the value of a list.

I realize that some self-published authors have the money needed to pay others to do all of their promotion work for them. Some “PAY” thousands of dollars to have their books become number one best sellers without collecting and maintaining their own subscriber lists the way I have for years. They outsource for names of people who don’t even know who they are or what their writing is like.  This doesn’t give the best appraisal of one’s book, unless most of the buyers are familiar with the author.

This is not a way to grow a following of people who enjoy their writing and desire to keep up with their books and events. When one  uses their own list and their own bonus products, then they have the opportunity to become a legitimate “Best Selling Author” if this is what they desire to do.  And they will be able to do it for free!  That being said, years ago I paid a company to show me how to promote my book to my list of about 5,000 people.  I did all the work myself which was extensive.  They provided the information for me to study and they were supposed to help me on the day of my campaign to make sure all went well and also share with me a group of people they found who were interested in my book.  Well, they backed out at the last minute.  I made a good amount of book sales on my own, but from that point I decided to learn how to promote my own books and later help authors do the same.

Would you like to have a loyal following? Well you can. And you can develop it free and easily, even if you haven’t yet published your book! This list is worth it’s weight in gold to you because you’re going to be in touch with people who will actually be a part of your team, with you being the team leader! It’s going to encourage you, develop you as a writer and help to grow your Internet marketing expertise.

Developing your own list of loyal people who desire to keep up with your work is vital to your growth as a writer, and the first step to take if you’re a beginner. So in the next email, I’ll show you how to get this started in as little as a half hour to an hour. And as I have said, you can do it all FREE! This way you can save your money for other more important things like promotion and marketing.

Will talk soon!

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