The Adulteress Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

The Adulteress Book ReviewWow!  What a great book!  I don’t always have time to read novels, but I’m certainly thankful I was able to read The Adulteress – Women Who Met Jesus Volume 1 by author Lucinda Weeks.  The story is was a vivid experience of Jesus when He walked the earth over 2,000 years ago from the time of His ministry to His crucifixion.

The story is told by a young, spirited woman named Adina who learns about forgiveness at the feet of Jesus after waiting for His decision to determine if she is to be stoned as an adulteress or left alive to continue her life with a new beginning.  The realism of Jesus and His disciples leaves the reader lost in that time period with accurate stories intertwined with her character’s lives.

I found the story’s account of how men and women lived according to the social and religious mores of that period very enlightening as well as giving more insight to the story and the actions of the characters.  Lucinda’s additions of specific New Testament references was an added bonus!

I recently wrote a review of this exciting book that I’d like to share.   Go here to read my review on my site or on where her book can be purchased.


About The Author Lucinda Weeks:

The Adulteress Book ReviewLucinda has been writing fiction as a hobby since she was eight.  She wrote as a ghostwriter for national magazine’s and websites.  She has been a Christian believer in Jesus Christ for more than thirty years.
Lucinda began writing Christian fiction as a way of sharing Christ’s love and to share with others the talent God gave her to write. She strives to write in a way that glorifies Christ first of all and to show his divine love and mercy.


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