The Adulteress By Lucinda Weeks Is Christian Fiction That Ties Together Many Familiar Bible Stories


The Adulteress (who Women Met JesusVolume i
“The Adulteress” By Lucinda Weeks

The Adulteress By Lucinda Weeks

The Adulteress – Women Who Met Jesus Volume 1 is a Christian fiction story that offers so much about the love of Jesus, sin and redemption.  It’s now available on in Kindle for only $0.99. I don’t know how long this sale price will last, but this is a great opportunity to get this great story at such a low cost.

The official release date from Tate Publishers, is June 30, 2015.  Here’s the breakdown of availability: – Kindle  |  Barnes & NobleNook Book  | Tate Publishing – Paperback


One Of The Greatest Messages In The Bible

If you love reading Christian fiction that relates to the Bible, this is a book for you!  Lucinda’s story covers many stories in the Bible that bring faith, hope and Jesus love to life.  For me, the greatest messages in the Bible are given by Jesus in His acts of love and forgiveness to those who had sinned and who were looked down upon.

Readers will also find a story filled with adventure, romance and betrayal.  To learn more about what The Adulteress By Lucinda Weeks offers, go to my book page.  I break down the story into each of it’s unique features that set it apart from other books you’ve read.  Be prepared for many twists, turns, and surprises throughout the book.   Read Lucinda’s page to learn about her writing experience and to get information and book details.