The Adulteress - Women Who Met Jesus Volume I

A Familiar Bible Story Comes to Life in a Whole New Way!

By Author Lucinda Weeks

A Story of Sin and the Redemption That All Christians Have Through Jesus Christ

  • This is a beautiful story of sin and redemption that ties together many Bible stories.
  • It's based upon the truth that Jesus Christ loves everyone no matter where they are from or what their background. 
  • It shares with the reader the Biblical truth that there is no sin that Christ's blood can not atone for.
  • You can be assured that the book is modestly written without explicit sex, violence or profanity.

"The Adulteress" Book Information

Release Date: June 30, 2015
Published By: Tate Publishing
  Book Genre:  Christian Fiction

About The Story

Adina was a proper Jewish girl. She was young and in love with Yeichiel, who was a thief and a drunkard. In order to keep her away from Yeichiel, her greedy father sold her into an unwanted marriage to Eleazar. Eleazar was filthy rich and more than willing to pay a hefty bride price for beautiful Adina's hand in marriage.

Adina finds herself in a world she never imagined, married to a man she doesn't love. As the third wife in a small harem, she finds herself longing for her true love,  Yeichiel, and

and eventually the affections for other men.

Soon Adina's indulgent life of sin leaves her broken and ashamed. She cries out to the God of her childhood who she believes could never forgive her for her sins. Confused and desperate for love, she is eventually caught in an act of adultery and captured by Roman soldiers and the pious Pharisees. She is brought before Jesus with the demand that she be stoned to death.    See below to learn more about this riveting story!

"The Adulteress" Is A Page Turning Experience!

It Highlights Jesus' Love!

Realize the joy and excitement that Jesus loves everyone and forgives.

An Adventure In Reading!

It's filled with excitement, adventure, romance, and betrayal.

Remain "On Edge!"

Be prepared for many twists, turns, and surprises throughout the book.

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"The Adulteress" Book Review By Margaret Lukasik

The Adulteress - Women Who Met Jesus Volume I by Lucinda Weeks more than met my expectation of a great Christian novel. Powerful and exhilarating, it leads the reader back in time when  Jesus walked the earth during the period of His short ministry to the time of His crucifixion.

    Adina, the main character, is a young woman who brings life to the story as she shares her disturbing past  while facing what she believes to be the last moments of her life.   Her amazing journey depicts what it was like during that period to be a women trapped within a world where the religious traditions and laws favored men over the well-being of women no matter what their age or criminal acts done against them.

    Although Adina was brought up to love the scriptures, she is forced into a life that leads her far from God.  Branded as an adulteress, she lives daily with the guilt and shame, yet she continuously seeks redemption with a strong desire to change. I fell in love with this beautiful and fiercely spirited young woman who succumbs to a life far from her dreams only to realize an even greater dream once she makes an earnest prayer to be freed from her personal burdens and demons.

   Lucinda's writing absolutely took my breath away as she described Jesus' baptism, His walking the streets teaching and healing with the disciples, and his death on the cross with the promise of resurrection. Jesus’ love and compassion for the people and especially children were beautifully depicted through the experiences and associations of Adina.

    All of the characters in the story were meticulously blended within an accurate timeline of Jesus' ministry which reveals persons, places and the love of Jesus so realistically that it stirs the heart to go straight to God in prayer, thanking Him for the redemptive work of Jesus Christ that brings us God's love, forgiveness and hope.

    I highly recommend The Adulteress. It shares a beautiful story of God’s love and restoration of life with an enlightening glimpse of Jesus' ministry and the women who walked with Him.   


About The Author

Lucinda Weeks

Lucinda has been writing fiction as a hobby since she was eight.  She wrote as a ghostwriter for national magazine's and websites.  She has been a Christian believer in Jesus Christ for more than thirty years.  
She began writing Christian fiction as a way of sharing Christ's love and to share with others the talent God gave her to write. She strives to write in a way that glorifies Christ first of all and to show his divine love and mercy.

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