Job – God’s Trial or Satan’s Attack by Joyce Taiwo Tells The True Story Of Job

The Story Of Job
The True Story Of Job

I’ve just completed my book review for Joyce Taiwo’s new study, JOB – GOD’S TRIAL OR SATAN’S ATTACK!  I loved the book and the commitment Joyce had to seek the truth about why Job suffered and more important, God’s attitude concerning Satan and Job.

Joyce went straight to the scriptures to learn the truth about Job and made an in-depth study that resulted in this amazing guide book to help Christians understand what a loving God we have rather than a God who allows Satan to turn our lives upside down.  Learning the true story of Job leads us to the redemption of Jesus Christ.  Without understanding our salvation we are left to believe that Satan has a hold upon our lives and that there is nothing we can do about it; but Joyce shares the exciting news that in Christ we have been delivered!

If you’re not sure about God’s love for you, I encourage you to read Job – God’s Trial or Satan’s Attack.  Joyce writes with such clarity and depth and proves the true story of Job with scripture throughout each chapter.  This is a great reference for all Christians to study.  If you want to know more about the true story of Job, read my review on my review page or go to


About Joyce Taiwo

Joyce Taiwo has been an intercessor for over 20 years.  She has a specific call to intercede for The Persecuted Church across the world; the Churches, the church leaders and the lost.   She founded the “Life in His Purpose ministry” which is an outreach ministry in which she builds people up in the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ at meetings and conferences.