Veronica-The Woman With The Issue Of Blood By Lucinda Weeks

Veronica-The Woman With The Issue Of BloodI’ve just started reading an exciting book titled “Veronica-The Woman with The Issue Of Blood” by Lucinda Weeks that is a part of a series titled, “Women Who Met Jesus.” So far it’s absolutely amazing! It’s the kind of book that makes everything around you disappear as it draws you into the story and keeps you reading to find out what happens next.

It’s also a very beautiful story that follows the life of Christ from the time He was eighteen years old to His ministry which is where so much of the excitement and joy of the story is found. Veronica is the woman with the issue of blood and as her story builds, it leads to her amazing healing when she touches Jesus’ garment. However, this isn’t the only healing Veronica desires and the rest of the story follows her quest for each of her children who also need the healing hand of Jesus. I haven’t got that far into the story yet, but each page has been a wonderful journey!

This engaging story will take your breath away, brings tears in moments of great sensitivity and bring you great joy as you are reminded through the story how much Jesus loves you and that He will forgive anything we ask of Him! You need to get his story now and read it along with Part I of the series titled, “The adulteress.” See the links below to order or go to Lucinda’s website to purchased signed copies.


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