Writing For God Rather Than The World and Understanding His Will and Ways For Continued Success

writing For God
Writing For God

Is your writing for God centered upon God? Many Christians are writing books today, but they’re writing them by their own ability because they haven’t turned their writing over to God. The only way to keep the integrity of God’s Word in our writing is to let God be in charge. If He isn’t, when writing for God your desire for success will only be worldly and your efforts will lead others as well as yourself astray.

The point of the article is to help Christians make the most of their writing by writing for God the right way in order for their message to help other Christians with the truth of God’s Word not tainted by the world’s system. I also desire that God’s children earn the money they deserve from the sale of their books because the more money they make the greater means they will have to help support the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Don’t Confuse Writing For God With Writing For The World

For most self-publishers, receiving small royalties just isn’t enough for their hard work because the volume isn’t always there at first.  Unless an author is already famous, well-known or has a traumatic event to write about they have to diversify!  And to be a Christian author is even more difficult because their audience is smaller than for the more popular subjects within the world that Christians shouldn’t be involved in writing about.

Novels with sexual content and bad language seem to attracts millions of readers.   Sensational writing that exploits others is very popular. Even when one exploits their own situation they can end up with some type of fame and financial gain that may or may not last.  While Christian authors who are writing for God struggle to get known, others who never expected to write a book can do so with astounding results.  Why?  Because they use the opportunity of something tragic, profound or miraculous to right about or they take a normal situation and enhance it with lies or whatever they believe their readers want to hear.

I don’t believe this is what Christians should do and hope to discourage it. For example, my husband and I knew people through our business that we could see were spiraling on a fast downward turn.  They led double lives, acting professional and appearing one way, while living another lifestyle which was completely different and not conducive for raising children.

Through the wife’s escalating drug habit, she had brutally murdered their youngest son who was only 17 months old, saying that she sacrificed him to save the world in order to keep the Mayan Prophecy from coming true on December 21, 2012. Her husband had enabled her behavior by getting all the drugs she wanted and would then leave her alone with their sons.  Before the murder, it took all their combined incomes of about $145,000 a year to keep up with their expenses, her high-end shopping and drug habit. We no longer associated with them, but one evening the husband asked us for all the available money we had to sink into a sleazy business scheme that we could see would only go into their own pockets. He became angry with us and we never spoke with him again.

Now the wife is in prison for 25 years and the husband is writing a book.  He’s no doubt got a publishing deal because he became famous overnight and keeps his story on the news and says that he wants to keep others from making the same mistakes with his book about the events and the signs that led up to the murder.  I doubt it will helpful.  He and his wife weren’t influenced by us or our distaste for their lifestyle. All they wanted was our money, not our values. We just heard the husband today pushing his book on the news and I’m sure there’s a movie in there somewhere.   I believe people will read his book to learn the sorted details of their lives and to find out about the murder and his now ex-wife and that’s all.

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If You’re Writing For God, Get God Involved In Your Writing

We all have things in our lives that we can sensationalize, but when we’re writing for God we have to answer to Him, not the world or we shouldn’t write at all, so this leaves us with one avenue of choice, we must always look to God when we write and we must also look to His timing. When we write a book we should do one of two things.

  • If we get an idea about a book, we should run the idea by God and ask for His guidance about it. He knows what’s right or wrong or what will be a success or not.  Then get the book published when God says to release it.  Maybe your writing isn’t so good yet and God is telling you to learn how to write or pay for editing first.  Or maybe it’s just not the right time and it will fail unless you wait until God says, “OKAY, RELEASE IT!”
  • If you’re writing for God because He led you to write a book, you have to keep in mind that this is His project and not yours.  Follow His lead all the way!  God desires to get a message out through you so this is not your information but His. Write the book His way all the way!.

In either case, you must follow God’s lead through prayer, meditation and the Holy Spirit’s guidance. Keep in mind that when you’re writing for God you want to do the very best work you can.  If you want to be a success in this difficult world of getting out your message by publishing books, you need an edge and the best and only edge is our Heavenly Father.  By the Holy Spirit He will direct you through the development stages, the writing, editing and the publishing.  So get God involved in your writing and you’ll never fail.

Christians who are in line with God’s will for their lives know that all they have to do is obey what God tells them to do and they are already a success. I’ve had people tell me that they will take me up to the top with them. I don’t pay attention because I’m already at the top through Jesus Christ. I don’t need someone who is looking to the world’s system to try and entice me to collaborate with them when I’m already collaborating with the only source of our success, Jesus Christ.

Writing For God

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