Writing for The Soul: An Autobiography and Guide for the Broken Down by Dylon J. Serpa


 Writing For The Soul



Writing for The Soul: An Autobiography and Guide for the Broken Down

The book is a autobiography about the author, Dylon J. Serpa, and what he went through battling mental illness and coming out on top! The book isn’t just an account of his struggles with depression, but the author shows how he used his writing as a means of therapy to better understand himself and the disorder. He also includes a complete guide to teach the reader how to use the skill of writing, as he did, to find peace and life purpose. Writing For The Soul is getting many positive reviews at Amazon.com.

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From the Author

“This book represents a very important issue to me. The more people who purchase the book the more people who become aware of mental health disorders and the more people who find the glory of writing therapy. Thank you for helping people around the world become more aware of mental health disorders and writing therapy.”


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The book reveals the ugliness of mental health disorders including raging fits during basketball games, striking one’s parent and more. The story also follows the story of a younger teen’s terrible struggle through depression and how writing therapy allowed her to express herself.

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About The Author Of Writing For The Soul

Dylon Serpa
Dylon James Serpa
Dylon James Serpa (1993-Present) was born in Burbank, CA and raised by the beach in Ventura, CA where he developed a strong passion for writing at a young age. He graduated from Saint Bonaventure High School in Ventura, CA (2011) and from there attended Webster University in Webster Groves, Missouri.

However after a short time he returned to his roots in Ventura, California. He now attends the local junior college and hopes to transfer to UCLA in the near future. He is the author of children’s book “Moosey’s Adventures: The Way Home” and the “Moosey’s Adventures” series. Serpa also hopes to begin doing work with mental health issues in teens, showing them the advantages of writing therapy.

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