Writing Good Content Pages To Engage Your Readers and For Greater Book Exposure


My Kindle Book StoreIf you want to sell more books, you’ll have to write content that engages the reader, like I do for my blogs, websites and book sales and author pages.   You’re already a writer, so you know the basics of writing, but you’re also going to have to extend your writing ability to keep people reading your page and actually be moved to read whatever else you write, which should include your book or books.

If you have a blog, then write posts and pages that refer to the theme of your book.  Do the same with website pages as well.  I have websites and integrate a blog within them for greater exposure for both.  This helps me pages get seen by a larger audience.


Why Writing Good Content Pages Is Important To Getting More Exposure For Your Books

Creating content is essential to get people’s attention, to stand out, to build your SEO and social media presence.   Does your content connect with people and encourage them to engage with your site and book theme?  In this guide  you’ll learn several ways to write good content pages that engages people.

FACT:  You need content! It’s a must that you develop the skill for writing good content pages.

You need content that is related to your website niche. You can write a product review, a buying guide or simply comment and share your thoughts on some new entertainment/hardware/software news. There are a lot of resources online you can use and quote to make up for the 500-word article.

Creating good content is important for social media engagement as well.  It’s not good enough to leave a link without any engaging content that engages you with those who read your information.  They may wish to engage with you and become more interested in what you write.


Writing Good Content Pages To Engage Your Readers With A Blog

A blog provides an opportunity to discuss a topic in-depth. It’s a place where you can offer explanations and suggestions, demonstrate how-to’s, show thought leadership and generously offer useful content for readers.

• Analyze your competitors (topics, frequency of posts, who writes them, how they are shared) to see what works and what doesn’t.
• Make your content valuable and unique.
• Subscribe to top industry blogs using RSS to keep track of the latest hot topics.
• Search for people asking questions about your keyword or phrase on Twitter.

 Curate Selected Content

In the past couple of years, content curation has become more mainstream as businesses of all sizes and industries have started to adopt the practice.  Content curation is defined as “the process of finding, organizing and sharing online content.”
It’s helpful to present information with organization, annotation and presentation. Content curators provide a customized, vetted selection of the best and most relevant resources on a very specific topic or theme they represent.  This is also a great way of writing good content pages to engage your readers and keep them retuning to your site.”


Email and Social Media Work Hand in Hand When Considering Good Content Pages

Do you think of email and social media as separate entities? Do you favor one more than the other? The fact is, email and social media complement each other quite well. They leverage one another. Help the other to be seen by an audience that may not have otherwise come across the message.

• Include social icons in emails
• Ask email subscribers to share and connect
• Send a dedicated email campaign
• Provide incentive—for example, ask email subscribers to invite friends on Facebook to receive a discount
• Promote email sign-up via social networks
• Include “retweet this snippet” in email
• Build an email opt-in form on Facebook
• Don’t forget SMS—text your email address
• Promote email marketing on your blog


Facebook Pages Don’t Guarantee Engagement But Are Great For Writing Good Content Pages

The act of setting up a Facebook Page and publishing it for the world to see doesn’t automatically send people running to engage with your business. Engagement strategies should be tried and tested over a period of time.

Here’s five factors that help contribute to exceptional engagement and measurable results:

• Launch creative incentives
• Post highly shareable content
• Build a tight community
• Have a quirky brand—for example, add humor and entertainment
• Give your fans plenty of excellent content on a regular basis


Google+ Provides a Unique Blend of Features and Benefits

Whether you’re a fan of Google+ or not, you should know that it’s a force to be reckoned with.   People say it’s a failure, but GlobalWebIndex recently reported that Google+ remains the number 2 social network in the world with 359 million monthly active users (Facebook at number 1 with 903 million accounts).

Google+ is rapidly becoming “the most important content publication platform for businesses with an eye on higher search rankings. The data in a piece of content posted on Google+ is immediately indexed for Google search. On Twitter or Facebook, Google has restricted access to the data and indexing can take a few days. AuthorRank, the digital signature for Google+ users, is also set to affect the ranking order for search results.”

• Follow active people relevant to your business
• Take time to comment
• Participate in hangouts
• Publish high-quality content


HootSuite Offers Ability to Listen and Engage

HootSuite, a popular social media dashboard, offers ways to narrow in on places to engage with users. Instead of paying attention to the tweets in your stream, keep an eye on articles, videos, and images that are linked from the tweets to uncover breaking content. Often you will find content before Google is able to even index it.”

Step 1:  Use HootSuite to keep your eye on a keyword phrase.
Step 2: By monitoring the keyword phrase “content marketing,” you can see real-time results.


Keywords Help Find the Needle in a Haystack

The amount of data being shared online every minute can feel rather daunting. Consider these numbers reported a year ago by Domo:
• 684,478 pieces of content are shared on Facebook
• 2,000,000 search queries are made on Google
• 48 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube
• 47,000 apps are downloaded from the App Store
• 3,600 photos are shared on Instagram
• 571 new websites are created

Writing good content pages won’t be helpful without keywords. 

When posting on your social media networks, include keywords in the following places while remembering they need to sound natural. If it feels obvious that you snuck in a keyword phrase, remove it or try again. Place your keywords:

• In the Bio or About Us section of all of your social networks
• In posts when you’re talking about that particular subject
• In the vanity URL you create for each social network
• In the titles of your posts


Writing Good content Pages For Nurturing Leads Through Social Media Comment Replies

Social media is all about sharing and discussion. If you post a great piece of content, there is a very good chance that you’re going to get people commenting on it. These are your leads, and you need to encourage them to become more. This is where many people fall apart on their social media strategies. They don’t realize that replying to the comments on media can be as important as the creation of the content itself.  When someone comments, you must reply.


Spur Your Writing Good Content With Imagination Through Storytelling

Storytelling has become one of the buzzwords we hear discussed in social media circles. Some interpret it to mean that the writer has to be able to tell a good story. And while that’s true, there’s something even more powerful about storytelling.  It’s about connecting with your followers, friends and circles on an emotional level.  And when you do, you’ll have a deeper and more meaningful social media conversation.


Writing Good Content Pages That Are Uniquely Crafted

Why does it seem at times that other businesses have more unique content available to them?  The truth of the matter is that they started where you did—with little or no content.   Content is crafted, not harvested.  You don’t know what you have and how it can be used until you understand your audience’s needs, what they value and share and how customers prefer to gather information about your product. Get these answers and content opportunities become easier to identify.


Videos Are Popular And Offer A Break From Reading

Video captures viewers?  If done well, it has a way of grabbing our attention, educating and entertaining at the same time. We’re taking in a lot of written content all day long. A video offers a few minutes of respite.  Marketers should take note of the growth of video within social and mobile channels and look for ways to invest further in video content. The ROI of social marketing is on the rise and our data shows that video content will certainly lead to better results than non-video content.

YouTube Videos

You don’t need to go to great lengths to create videos for YouTube. Even a small budget with an inexpensive video camera or smartphone camera will go a long way if you don’t have the means to allot more resources.


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Writing Good Content Pages
Writing Good Content Pages


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