The Christian Bible Study, Your Testimony The Second Greatest Story Every Told by Douglas Riggle Is Now Available!

Your Testimony by Douglas Riggle
Your Testimony by Douglas Riggle

If you’re looking for a sound Bible Study that’s also a unique way to win others to Christ, I highly recommend Douglas Riggle’s new Bible study.  I haven’t given my review yet, but I’ve looked through his information and I’m very impressed.

While God’s Word is always the same and never changes, God has impressed upon my heart that He needs new and more creative presentations of His Word in many important areas that will reach the people of today.  I have prayed that God would work through me in this area and other Christians as well.   I believe that Your Testimony meets that goal and has been cleverly written by the author.

Your Testimony is a wonderful asset and source for personal Christian growth or groups.  The plan of the study is to teach each person involved a step-by-step process of developing a personal testimony that when told will have a profound affect upon others.

If you need help putting your story together in a way that will plant seeds for Christ in the hearts of those who hear it, “Your Testimony The Second Greatest Story Ever Told” is the perfect Bible Study that will get your message across in a way that will be a blessing again and again!

To learn more about the author, Douglas Riggle, and His Christian experience and endeavors for adults, young people and orphans, visit his Promotion Page.  Go to his Review Page to read my review of his Bible Study once I’ve completed writing it.  I’m very much looking forward to carefully reading and absorbing this unique Christian work.

You can also begin with the study right now.  The links above will direct you to the author’s ordering pages for paperback or Kindle.