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I’ve been writing since 1999.  It was easier when the Internet was new to get noticed, but now with so many websites and many books being written through self-publishing, it’s more difficult for authors to get attention and, therefore, sales. However, by combining book promotion with a genuine care for using your writing to enhance the lives of others, you’ll come to win a growing audience of people who love what you write and offer.   – Margaret Lukasik


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I’m always thinking about the authors in my Book Marketing and Review Program and how I can help them make their multiple promotion efforts more effective and profitable. 

Over the years I’ve noticed that the promotion they purchase from other sources aren’t utilize properly, so I realized a need to show the importance of using writing methods and strategies plus activities to use them to their fullest. 

I’ve created a number of articles to help with that end.  I hope they help you too!  I’ll be creating more articles over times to help this information grow. Click On each link.



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