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I’ve been writing books for Christians and selling them since 1999.  It was easier when the Internet was newer, but now with so many books being written through self-publishing, it’s more difficult for authors to get attention and, therefore, sales. However, by combining the winning formula of God’s wisdom plus the active efforts of promotion, Christian authors can achieve their desired goals.    – Margaret Lukasik

Book Promotion Program Articles For Christian Success

I’m always thinking about the Christian authors in my Life Purpose Book Review and Promotion Program and how I can help them make their multiple promotion efforts more effective and profitable.  I’ve created a number of articles to help with that end.

The articles are divided into two parts; one that reflects spiritual success.  The other will be book promotion actions and strategies.  I consider it most important to have a strong foundation of Jesus Christ, but knowledge is important to help God help us in our endeavors to accomplish our goals. With God we’re already a success, but every Christian must learn to walk in victory through Christ Jesus!

Book Promotion Articles

I’ve divided my articles into Christian success based upon scripture and the technical side of book promotion success. My point of the articles is to show Christians that they need a balance of God’s wisdom and guidance along with a physical effort and strategy for realizing more book acknowledgement and sales.


Book Promotion Program Articles

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