Book Promotion Campaign Tips To Help With Your Book Review and Promotion Efforts

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Book Promotion Campaign Tips




You don’t need to be told that promotion is an important part of the book process for getting your book known and sold.  While there is the obvious means of getting as many reviews on popular websites that you can to help you get your book known, there is a list of things you can do that are productive.

These common methods of promotion work so you will want to get started with at least one or two as soon as possible.  These methods are:

  1. Writing reviews for other author’s books that are similar to yours on a good website that gets traffic, on blogs and on, Barnes & Noble and other online bookstores that offer reviews.
  2. Begin a book campaign to sell your book
  3. Give book signings at your local bookstores
  4. Speak about your book at book clubs and the library
  5. If possible turn your book into a series and promote future titles

There are other methods, but these are what I believe the best to begin with if you have little money.  An hour or two each day will help you to get your book known on the Internet and in your community.  You can also branch out past your local area when you feel you’ve saturated your area.

Over the next few weeks, I will discuss in more detail how to make the methods I have mention to work for you.  It will take a little time and patience, but in a few months you will see the fruits of your labor.


Book Promotion Campaign Tips For Selling Your Book:

Don’t price your book too high if you have control of the pricing.  Look up books similar to yours on or other Internet book stores and get a good idea what people are willing to pay for your book.

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